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In The News:

Cop shot, killed by suspect who strangled 8-year-old child

Officer Jimmy Inn (Stockton Police Department)
Officer Jimmy Inn (Stockton Police Department)

According to officials, Officer Jimmy Inn responded to the call and arrived at the home around 10 a.m.

After Inn knocked on the door, the suspect, later identified as Lance Lowe, opened it and immediately shot Inn multiple times, CBS Sacramento reported.

A second police officer, Pancho Freer, arrived at the scene and heard gunshots before seeing Lowe standing over Inn with a gun in his hand. Freer engaged in a shootout with the gunman, with one bullet shattering the officer’s patrol car window.

Lowe went into the house and came back out carrying an 8-year-old boy in a stranglehold, refusing to comply with law enforcement demands. Another resident tackled Lowe, giving Freer the chance to shoot the suspect.

Todd Bensman – “This is a mass migration crisis that has a lot to do with children.”

Todd Bensman – “Well, in the first place, I think the average American will see and feel this will be in their school districts. Because this is a mass migration crisis that has a lot to do with children.”

‘Pedophile’ linked to unsolved Delphi Bridge murders is beaten up in jail while being held ‘for abducting and molesting girl, 9, in his basement’

James Chadwell II, 42, reportedly lost a fight with Quentin Jackson Jr., 25, on May 4 at the Tippecanoe County Sheriff’s Office and Jail in Indiana, staff there said.

Chadwell suffered from minor injuries to his face as a result, and was treated by the jail’s medical staff, according to the sheriff’s office.

It remains unclear what prompted the fight between the two men, but, the Journal & Courier reports, it began just about an hour after Jackson was booked into the jail for allegedly having nude photos on his phone of his underage girlfriend.

Times Square gunman is arrested in Florida four days after he shot and wounded three people – including girl, 4, in famed NYC tourist spot

A Times Square CD seller accused of shooting and wounding three people – including a four year-old girl – at the famed tourist spot has been arrested after four days on the run. 

Farrakhan Muhammad, 31, was found and arrested at a McDonald’s in Starke, Florida – about 30 miles outside of Jacksonville – on Wednesday after he allegedly fled the scene of the shooting Saturday night. It left a four-year-old girl and two others injured, according to the New York Post.

Officials told NBC4 he had been found with his girlfriend, who is now being questioned as investigators look into whether she was knowingly helping to harbor a fugitive. 

The two apparently left New York City together after the shooting, according to one senior law enforcement official,

Muslim actress makes headlines after quoting ‘Hitler’ in tweet as Hamas launches rockets into Israel: ‘I would have killed all of the Jews of the world’

Photo by Ramesh Sharma/The India Today Group via Getty Images
Photo by Ramesh Sharma/The India Today Group via Getty Images

While the offending tweet is gone, the actress’s Twitter page remains active at the time of this reporting.

New York Magazine writer Yashar Ali captured the tweet before it was deleted.

Ali tweeted, “How is this still up???” and later added, “This tweet is now gone along with a bunch of other tweets on her account.

Looking forward to an apology from all those who doubted me.”

Baltimore’s Top Prosecutor Attempts To Send FCC Against Local Fox Affiliate

Baltimore City State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby (Ulysses Muñoz/TNS/Newscom)
Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby (Ulysses Muñoz/TNS/Newscom)

The office of Baltimore’s top prosecutor, State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby, is trying to convince the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to investigate the city’s Fox affiliate because of its critiques of her.

This is not, of course, how Zy Richardson, Mosby’s communications director, frames the issue in the May 5 letter she has sent to FCC Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel. Richardson attempts an argument that Fox affiliate WBFF’s coverage of Mosby is “misleading, racist, and extremely dangerous.”

What the letter is actually complaining about, though, is constitutionally protected speech. Part of the letter’s “evidence” is that WBFF simply runs far more stories about Mosby than the other Baltimore networks.

Richardson incorrectly argues that the “tone” of Fox’s coverage violates FCC rules. She writes that Fox News is “infamous for its bias against people of color,” shifting abruptly to a complaint about Tucker Carlson’s commentary,


‘Our Nation Is In Deep Peril’: Ret. Military Officers Pen POWERFUL Open Letter to Biden

124 retired military officers recently released a letter blasting President Biden, arguing our nation ‘is in deep peril.’ Glenn reads the powerful open letter in this clip, saying he wishes it came from the Republican Party, instead.

Glenn says we HAVE felt this kind of defeat before — during the Jimmy Carter years.

It’s possible America could make a comeback, like we did under Reagan, but we MUST stand up, focus our attention locally, and believe in our country again…

Lauren Boebert: “Democrats Want to Teach Our Children to Hate Each Other”

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) spoke out against critical race theory Wednesday in front of the U.S. Capitol as she joined GOP Congress members in introducing a bill to keep the agenda out of schools, federal workforce, and the military.

Rep. Paul Gosar claims Capitol Police ‘EXECUTED’ rioter Ashli Babbitt just steps from the House floor and former Pentagon chief refuses to blame Trump during heated congressional hearing

Gosar sought to ascertain the name of the officer, and called Babbitt ‘a young lady, a veteran, wrapped in an American flag that was killed in the U.S. Capitol.’

‘Was she armed?’ Gosar asked Rosen. ‘No she wasn’t,’ Gosar responded. ‘She was wrapped in a U.S. flag.’

Gosar said ‘outright propaganda and lies are being used to unleash the national security state against law-abiding U.S. citizens, especially Trump voters.’

He said the FBI is ‘fishing through homes of veterans and citizens with no criminal records.’

It came during the second of this week’s congressional hearings into failings that allowed an angry mob to breach the Capitol building.

Biden’s Pick for U.S. Ambassador to Japan Has History of Using Racist Asian Stereotypes

Biden’s decision to nominate Emanuel comes amid a surge in anti-Asian hate crimes in Democratic-led cities such as New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Biden is also under fire for his continued refusal to address the rise in anti-Semitic hate crimes amid the ongoing violence in Israel.

It remains to be seen if the Democratic-controlled Senate, which must confirm Emanuel’s nomination, will view his racist stereotyping of Asians as a disqualifying offense.

If confirmed, Emanuel’s racist tendencies could complicate his diplomatic efforts in Japan, the sushi capital of the world.

Emanuel has made clear that he considers raw fish to have a negative connotation—he once mailed a dead fish to a Democratic rival, along with a card that read, “It’s been awful working with you.”

Credit Where Credit’s Due! Give It To Trump!

Here at Blue Collar Logic, we’re not afraid to give credit where credit’s due!.

Here’s the Simple Truth.

Joe Concha rips White House’s new journalism policy

Fox News contributor Joe Concha reacts to new White House policy asking to approve quotes before they are published.

World News:

Video: Iranian man sets himself on fire while burning Israeli flag

Man caught on fire while burning an Israeli flag. (Twitter screenshot)
Man caught on fire while burning an Israeli flag. (Twitter screenshot)

Masih Alinejad, who describes herself as an Iranian journalist and activist, tweeted video of the flag-burning incident. She said, “Authorities in the Islamic Republic attempted to burn the Israeli flag, as they usually do.

But this time, karma got them and they ended up burning themselves.

Meanwhile unlike the regime, ordinary Iranians increasingly refuse to burn or walk on Israeli and American flags.”

The Times of Israel reported the flag-burning accident happened during Quds Day celebrations in Iran on Friday. Quds is the Arabic word for Jerusalem. Iran has celebrated Quds Day since 1979 and the day is meant to signify support for Palestinians and opposition to the Israeli government.

Gordon Chang: A Potential Kinetic War With Communist China? | American Thought Leaders

Last year, Congressman Eric Swalwell’s ties to the suspected Chinese spy Fang Fang brought Chinese espionage to the forefront of national discussion. But that was just the tip of the iceberg.

And beyond espionage, the Chinese Communist Party has become increasingly belligerent globally—from fueling riots in America to encroaching in Nepali territory to celebrating COVID deaths in India.

What is the Chinese leadership hoping to achieve, and why do they believe—according to Chang—that they are running out of time?

Furthermore, one year on, over 3 million people have died globally from COVID-19.

Beyond covering up the initial outbreak, did China’s communist leaders intentionally spread this virus beyond its borders? And if it did, what does that mean for America and the world?

Gaza-Israel conflict worsens; International Community calls for de-escalation- TV7 Israel News 12.05

1) More than eleven-hundred rockets, and counting, have been indiscriminately fired from the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip toward Israel’s southern and central civilian communities.

2) Following deadly rocket-fire directed at central Israel – The IDF has widened its operational target-list.

3) Turkey’s Erdogan tells Russia’s Putin that an international protection force to shield the Palestinians should be considered.You are welcome to join our audience and watch all of our programs – free of charge!

Hundreds of Rockets BOMBARD Tel Aviv; Israel Strikes Back At Hamas Leaders | Watchman Newscast

On today’s Watchman Newscast, host Erick Stakelbeck breaks down the latest developments in the battle between Israel and Iran-backed terror groups in Gaza.

Over 1,200 rockets have been launched at Israeli cities nationwide since Monday.

Israel has eliminated Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad leaders in response. Is a full-scale war on the horizon?

Dozens killed as Israel, Hamas trade rocket fire

Fox News’ Trey Yingst reports on the escalating violence in the Middle East live from the Israel-Gaza border.

Palestinian Terror Leader Says Iran Funded and Armed His Group for War on Israel

Ramez al-Halabi / Middle East Media Research Institute
Ramez al-Halabi / Middle East Media Research Institute

Ramez al-Halabi, a PIJ official, disclosed his group’s deep ties to the Islamic regime in a May 7 interview on Iraqi television just prior to the bombardment of Israel, part of a deepening conflict that threatens to throw the region into larger war.

“The mujahideen [terrorists] in Gaza and in Lebanon use Iranian weapons to strike the Zionists. We buy our weapons with Iranian money.

An important part of our activity is under the supervision of Iranian experts,” al-Halabi said.

“The contours of the victories in Palestine as of late were outlined with the blood of [former Iranian military leader] Qassem Soleimani, Iranian blood.” His remarks were translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute, which tracks jihadist activity.

While much focus has been placed on PIJ and Hamas, both of which are behind the ongoing rocket attacks against Israel, al-Halabi’s comments show that Iran is fueling the conflict.


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