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In The News:

Two deputies shot during law enforcement standoff in North Carolina, reports say

A standoff is underway in Western North Carolina after two deputies were shot, according to reports from police, emergency services and multiple media outlets.

The Watauga County Sheriff’s Office was called to a home for a welfare check when the deputies were shot, Spectrum Local News reported. According to WBTV, at least one of the deputies was flown out in a helicopter. 

There was no word on the condition of either deputy.

Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee says COVID-19 is no longer a public health emergency, calls for end to mask mandates

Houston Cofield/Bloomberg via Getty Images
Houston Cofield/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Gov. Bill Lee (R) announced the return to normal Tuesday, signing an executive order that removes the local authority for county mayors in 85 of the state’s 95 counties to require face coverings.

The governor has requested that the remaining counties with independent health departments lift their business restrictions and mask requirements by no later than May 30.

“COVID-19 is now a managed public health issue in Tennessee and no longer a statewide public health emergency,” Lee said in a statement.

“As Tennesseans continue to get vaccinated, it’s time to lift remaining local restrictions, focus on economic recovery and get back to business in Tennessee.”

In an interview on Fox News Wednesday, the governor said the availability of COVID-19 vaccines means people are protected from the virus and should start living like it.

Elderly man stabbed in chest while attempting to stop a purported shoplifter at an Oklahoma mall

Police Arrest Suspect In Connection With Stabbing At Woodland Hills Mall
Police Arrest Suspect In Connection With Stabbing At Woodland Hills Mall

The 71-year-old male, who remains unnamed at the time of this reporting, was hospitalized after being stabbed in the chest.

The elderly man reportedly confronted 19-year-old David Alvarado after believing him to be stealing from the store.

Following the incident, the suspect fled from the mall and initially evaded arrest.

On Tuesday, however, authorities were able to locate and arrest Alvarado on charges of assault and battery with a deadly weapon. He was booked into the Tulsa County Jail.

Apollo 11 astronaut Michael Collins dies at 90 following battle with cancer

The Apollo 11 lunar landing mission crew, pictured from left to right, Neil A. Armstrong, commander; Michael Collins, command module pilot; and Edwin E. Aldrin Jr., lunar module pilot.
The Apollo 11 lunar landing mission crew, pictured from left to right, Neil A. Armstrong, commander; Michael Collins, command module pilot; and Edwin E. Aldrin Jr., lunar module pilot. (NASA/Released)

On July 20, 1969, Air Force Lt. Col. Michael Collins piloted the spacecraft Columbia alone 60 miles above the lunar surface as the Eagle module carrying his two crewmates touched down on the moon.

Collins lost contact with both Armstrong and Aldrin, as well as NASA, as the spacecraft passed over the moon’s far side in what would become 48 minutes of complete isolation from all of humanity.

“I am alone now, truly alone, and absolutely isolated from any known life,” he later wrote.

“If a count were taken, the score would be three billion plus two over on the other side of the moon, and one plus God only knows what on this side,” he continued. “I like the feeling. Outside my window I can see stars — and that is all. Where I know the moon to be, there is simply a black void.”

LA Human Trafficking Operation Leads to Recovery of 3 Girls and 11 Arrests

“Two females who appeared to be very young were observed as they engaged with vehicles occupied by lone males,” the Pomona Police Department said in a news release. “Both were contacted by members of the Task Force.

One of the females was identified as a fourteen-year-old who had been reported missing; she is six months pregnant. The second female was identified as a sixteen-year-old.”

The third victim, a 17-year-old girl, had also been reported as missing, investigators determined. One of the victims told investigators she had worked a prostitute since she was 12.

The victims were all reported as missing from areas outside of Pomona. They have since been turned over to the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services.

USA Today and Stacey Abrams Try to Literally Rewrite History

How Stacey Abrams, USA Today and the fact-checkers all worked together to disseminate a lie about Abrams’ position on a boycott of the state of Georgia over voter integrity laws.

LEGAL UPDATE: NYT FORCED by court to ANSWER Veritas’s defamation allegations, STUNNING Admissions

Project Veritas founder and CEO, James O’Keefe, provided an update on the organization’s defamation lawsuit against The New York Times today and read directly from the Old Gray Lady’s official response to the lawsuit, which was filed last week.

The Times was forced to answer Veritas’ allegations and despite admitting certain points – the newspaper continually issued denials, or claimed the defendants lacked the knowledge necessary to formulate an acceptable answer.

Feds raid Rudy Giuliani’s apartment on search warrant

Federal investigators executed a search warrant at former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani’s apartment as part of the Ukraine probe.

1100 Venezuelans Cross into West Texas Border Town Within 2 Weeks

Breitbart Texas
Breitbart Texas

Most will be summarily released into the community to travel to their destination in the United States. The few single adults within the group will await transfer to ICE for placement in facilities or released under alternatives to detention.

Del Rio, like other cities across the southern border, has seen its share of the increase in migrant traffic. A soft-sided facility was recently opened within the Del Rio Border Patrol Sector to deal with the influx.

Del Rio has dealt with large groups of illegal migrants from outside the usual Central American countries normally encountered throughout other border areas.

NY Radio Host Tells Audience ‘F*** The Police,’ Then Allegedly Rams NYPD Officer, Killing Him, Before Speeding Away

Jessica Beauvais, 32, Courtesy NYPD.
Jessica Beauvais, 32, Courtesy NYPD.

Beauvais allegedly struck Tsakos, the father of two children, a three-year-old son and six-year-old daughter. He was reportedly sent 100 feet in the air and landed in the grass at the side of the road.

He was taken to a hospital where he was later pronounced dead. Beauvais’ windshield was reportedly “completely shattered.”

“Police sources claim she later confessed to guzzling vodka before the deadly accident.”

“I think that when you see the images of [Beauvais’] car and the windshield that is completely shattered, as well as damage to the front of the car, there is no way to not know that you struck an individual,” he said, as The New York Post reported.

She reportedly passed multiple exits on the expressway, eventually driving onto a curb. According to prosecutors, when police surrounded the vehicle, she allegedly backed into a police car in an attempt to get away.

Maria Bartiromo details her ‘harrowing’ experience at southern border

FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo visits the southern border and tours with the U.S. border patrol. A ‘Mornings with Maria’ panel reacts.


His whole life a SELLOUT: Boebert torches John Kerry

Representative Lauren Boebert of Colorado comments on recent allegations of intelligence manipulation on the part of Climate Czar John Kerry, and says the longtime ‘America-last’ politician needs to resign.

California Officials, Biden-Linked Firm Colluded With Big Tech to Censor Election Posts: Judicial Watch

Facebook, Google, and Twitter logos are seen in this combination photograph. (Reuters)
FILE PHOTO: Facebook, Google and Twitter logos are seen in this combination photo from Reuters files. REUTERS/File Photos/File Photo

The findings come after Judicial Watch received 540 pages and a further four pages of documents from the office of the Secretary of State of California in response to an open records request, the group said.

The company did this by sharing its “Misinformation Daily Briefings” with California officials, who then passed them on to social media giants Facebook, Twitter, and Google for dissemination, according to Judicial Watch.

“These new documents suggest a conspiracy against the First Amendment rights of Americans by the California Secretary of State, the Biden campaign operation, and Big Tech,” Fitton said.

Washington-based SKDKnickerBocker said in a statement last November that it developed the Biden campaign’s vote-by-mail program in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Arizona.

Carlson: ‘Why the Mask Fetish? Honestly, What’s the Answer? Well, No One Will Say’

Tuesday on Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” host Tucker Carlson opened his program with a monologue questioning the push for individuals to wear a mask, despite having received the vaccine.

Carlson pointed to media personalities and politicians who insist on masks but offer no scientific justification for doing so.

TX Ag. Commissioner sues Biden for alleged discrimination against white farmers

Farm (Jennifer Beebe/Pixabay)
Farm (Jennifer Beebe/Pixabay)

“These racial exclusions are patently unconstitutional, and the court should permanently enjoin their enforcement,” the complaint states.

“Doing so will promote equal rights under the law for all American citizens and promote efforts to stop racial discrimination, because ‘[t]he way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race.’”

According to Courthouse News, the lawsuit claims the recently-passed $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan offers loan forgiveness to “socially disadvantaged” farmers and ranchers, but that federal laws restrict help for their white counterparts, including a requirement within the Agriculture Department to give preferential treatment to “socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers with grant applications.

“An interpretation of the underlying statutes that excludes plaintiffs like Miller because he is not ‘black enough’ would raise grave constitutional concerns under Bolling v. Sharpe and it should be rejected for that reason alone,” the complaint continues.

“For the same reason, the statutes should not be construed to empower the Department of Agriculture to choose a minimum threshold of minority ancestry when determining eligibility for benefits.”

Ted Cruz Shows How Much Trouble John Kerry May Be In

Ted Cruz goes after John Kerry after allegations he revealed secrets to Iran.

Share This Warning with Your Liberal Friends (Pt. 2) | Mark Levin | POLITICS | Rubin Report

In this clip Mark shares how the Democratic party is doing everything to consolidate their political power. The new Democratic party is playing a dangerous game, adopting the ideas of the fringes of the party and allowing the rise of BLM and Antifa.

He has a warning for mainstream liberal Democrats, the woke mob is coming for them.

He sees that certain liberals like Bill Maher, Naomi Wolf,and Glenn Greenwald have already realized that they won’t be spared.

Mark talks about the importance of conservatives creating alliances with mainstream liberals to preserve America from these horrible ideas before it’s too late.

Tucker Carlson investigates Biden’s ties to Silicon Valley

The Hill’s Saagar Enjeti joins ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ to discuss reports California officials worked with Big Tech to censor election posts.

Glenn Greenwald on why people are afraid to speak out against US-Russia standoff

Substack journalists asks why we would want to start a conflict over Ukraine on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’

Why Things Won’t Get Better

Commentary/Opinion: In this powerful episode of the Simple Truth, Jason uses video proof and statistics to make it absolutely clear for all to see. The Race Game is about Money & Power!

Marjorie Taylor Greene sounds off on Biden, Psaki and the HATE-AMERICA agenda

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia comments on President Biden’s lack of accountability in meeting with state leadership on pandemic-related issues, the ‘agenda’ that his administration really cares about, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki’s reaction when pushed on these problems by reporters, and more. – via National Report with Shaun Kraisman and Emma Rechenberg,

KT McFarland sounds off on ‘woke’ culture: American people aren’t nuts

Former Deputy National Security Advisor KT McFarland reacts to Democrat cities asking for help amid ‘defund the police’ movement.

John Kerry is skirting the line of treason with Iran

Getty Images
Getty Images

OPINION: No individual personified the Obama Bros’ supine tango with the mullahs better than then-Secretary of State John Kerry.

Kerry, the “statesman” who has been on the wrong side of every major foreign affairs issue since at least the Swift Boats of Vietnam, betrayed his country in borderline-treasonous fashion as Obama’s chief diplomatic lackey.

Not content to sell the farm — and scores of unmarked pallets of US taxpayer cash — to a mullocracy with untold American blood on its hands as a diplomat, Kerry then traitorously colluded as a layman with his pal, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, to undermine the Trump administration’s “maximum pressure” Iran containment strategy.

Alas, we now know it is apparently even worse. New leaked audio appears to reveal that Kerry, now Team Biden’s special climate envoy, divulged to Zarif the details of over 200 clandestine Israeli military operations taken against Iranian targets in Syria.

One might be loath to take on blind faith the claims of a thug like Zarif, but in this case, the shoe fits. This is who John Forbes Kerry is — who he always has been, and always will be.

Media Ignores Massive John Kerry & Iran Scandal (Pt. 1)| Nikki Haley | POLITICS | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Nikki Haley, former US Ambassador to the United Nations, about the massive John Kerry foreign policy scandal involving Iran and the overreach of the government during the COVID pandemic.

In Iran news, It has been revealed that Iranian foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif told a supporter that John Kerry had informed him of at least 200 covert actions by Israel against Iran in Syria.

If true, why is a member of the Biden administration leaking intel to an enemy of the US and endangering US allies? Calls are beginning to mount for John Kerry to resign.

Meanwhile the mainstream media bias is apparent as the media ignores or runs defense for John Kerry and the Biden administration.

World News:

IRGCN harasses US Navy amid Vienna talks; PA opts to postpone elections TV7 Israel News 28.04.21

1) The Palestinian Authority warns that unless Israel permits all eligible Arab residents in East Jerusalem to vote in their upcoming Parliamentary polls – Ramallah will postpose the upcoming elections.

2) The United States and Israel agreed to establish an inter-agency working group to focus particular attention on the growing threats posed by the Islamic Republic of Iran.

3) The U.S. 5th Fleet accused Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps Navy of harassing two of its vessels.

Brexit: European Parliament backs UK trade deal

EU Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen oversees trade relations with the UK
EPA:EU Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen oversees trade relations with the UK

The UK’s chief negotiator, Lord Frost, said the vote “brings certainty and allows us to focus on the future”.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson spoke of a “final step in a long journey”.

The trade deal provided “stability to our new relationship with the EU as vital trading partners, close allies and sovereign equals”, he said.

The result, announced on Wednesday after a vote late on Tuesday, was also welcomed by European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen.

Richard Pusey: Australian jailed for filming dying officers

Melbourne man Richard Pusey has admitted to taunting dying police officers
EPA:Melbourne man Richard Pusey has admitted to taunting dying police officers

Pusey had been standing a few metres away and avoided the crash, but afterwards pulled out his phone and began filming numerous videos, some of which ran for more than three minutes.

The court had heard that Pusey stood over and taunted Senior Constable Taylor as she remained pinned under the lorry. Experts said she was most likely still alive at the time.

“There you go. Amazing, absolutely amazing,” he said, according to vision from the constable’s body-worn camera which was tendered to a court.

“All I wanted was to go home and have some sushi,” he added, before using expletives to blame the officers for ruining his Porsche sports car.

He fled the scene on Melbourne’s Eastern Freeway shortly after. The next day he was arrested at his home and initially charged with speeding, drug possession and reckless conduct offences.

However, police then also discovered Pusey’s video and that he had shared it among friends.

COVID passports: key to normality or discrimination?

Europe plans to launch a digital health pass scheme in June to save this summer’s holiday season from the pandemic, but technical and political obstacles are showing just how big a challenge the world faces in building such systems.

Megan Revell reports.

Australia’s $580 mln military upgrades eye Asia

[NFA] Australia will spend U.S.$580 million to upgrade four northern military bases and expand war games with the United States, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on Wednesday. Emer McCarthy reports.



Does This Offend You?

Will Witt wants to see what students at Florida International University think about cancel culture.

Is anyone offended by Mr. Potato Head or Aunt Jemima syrup? Check it out!

Jon Voight: The origins of ‘WOKE’ Hollywood

Academy Award-winning actor Jon Voight speaks about ‘liberal-leaning, Trump-hating’ Hollywood, his latest project involving another former president, his relationship with Donald Trump and more.

Scott Baio & Adam Carolla GO OFF on Blue state leaders

Longtime actor and director Scott Baio and comedian Adam Carolla join Rob Schmitt’s ‘CITIES ON FIRE’ series to discuss what’s happening in their home communities and other Democratic-led areas throughout the nation, in regards to crime, quality of life and even ‘virtue signaling.’ – via Rob Schmitt Tonight,