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In The News:

Joe Concha calls on Washington Post to issue apology for Tim Scott ‘fact-check’

Fox News contributor Joe Concha discusses the Washington Post’s fact-check of Senator Tim Scott’s ancestry.

New York Times ‘buried’ bombshell that John Kerry told Iran about Israeli covert operations in Syria: Critics

Kerry, now President Biden’s special climate envoy, served as President Barack Obama’s Secretary of State from 2013 to 2017, where he was instrumental in brokering the Iran nuclear deal. The deal was heavily opposed by Israel, with whom Kerry has frequently sparred.

Conservative critics questioned why the Kerry item wasn’t given more attention by the Times, given Iran is an enemy of the United States and Israel is a strong ally.

“At best, this shows that Kerry is enormously and irresponsibly indiscreet; at worst, he’s exposing American intelligence to an enemy in order to attack an ally.

And frankly, it looks a lot more like the latter than the former, and a lot more like an actual crime by a high-ranking US government official.”

Michigan Mask Requirement Extending to Toddlers Takes Effect

Getty Images
Getty Images

Per the current order, a face mask is required for everyone two years and older, and even those who are exempt — whether for medical reasons or age — are “strongly encouraged” to wear a face covering.

“The change means that kids from 2-4 are now subject to the masking requirement just like everyone else,” MDHHS Public Information Officer Bob Wheaton wrote in a statement.

“So if an 18 year old would be required to mask because they were in a gathering at a park, so would a 2-4 year old,” he explained.

As Breitbart News reported, the order came from MDHHS director Elizabeth Hertel, who recently returned from an Alabama beach vacation:

Rep. Jewell Jones, female passenger found with pants down before arrest, per report

Rep. Jewell Jones allegedly tried to get out of being arrested earlier this month by saying he was a lawmaker and telling police he would call the governor.
Rep. Jewell Jones allegedly tried to get out of being arrested earlier this month by saying he was a lawmaker and telling police he would call the governor.

The Michigan lawmaker was brought up on obstruction and weapons charges and was seen resisting arrest in dashcam footage during the traffic stop, in which he is also accused of trying to use his position as a lawmaker to get out of the arrest, saying he would call Gov. Gretchen Whitmer on them during the stop.

In the report, Rep. Jewell Jones (D-Inkster) was holding up a female passenger near the passenger side door of the vehicle.

A paramedic on scene had observed the woman’s pants were down and Jone’s pants were partially down, according to the report.

The woman was eventually placed in an ambulance after it was determined she was unable to stand on her own, had vomited, and was essentially unresponsive.

Photos: Melania Trump’s Birthday Sees Her Relishing Peaceful Private Life At Mar-a-Lago As She Turns 51

The former FLOTUS celebrates her birthday today, on Monday, April 26.
The former FLOTUS celebrates her birthday today, on Monday, April 26.

The former FLOTUS celebrates her birthday today, on Monday, April 26.

Melania spends her birthday in Palm Beach, Florida, where she and Trump were last week spotted enjoying dinner at the Mar-a-Largo resort, where they have been living since leaving the White House.

She seems to be relishing the peace and quiet at Mar-a-Lago after dealing with four years of relentless scrutiny and criticism from the mainstream media.

Pictures that were sent to us this morning shows gorgeous Melania enjoying her birthday at Mar-a-Lago.

Oklahoma Gov Kevin Stitt Signs Bill Banning Abortions When Unborn Baby’s Heart Begins Beating

Last Tuesday, the state Senate passed the heartbeat bill and two other pro-life measures and today Stitt signed them into law.

“I’m keeping my promise to sign all pro-life legislation. We now have three more laws protecting the lives of the unborn! HB 2441, HB 1904, and HB 1102,” he said in a message on twitter along with photos of him signing the bills.

Sponsored by state Sen. Julie Daniels, R-Bartlesville, House Bill 2441 would require abortionists to check for the unborn baby’s heartbeat and prohibit the abortion if the heartbeat is detected. Typically, that occurs about six weeks of pregnancy.

Exceptions would be allowed if the mother’s life is at risk or a doctor certifies in writing that her pregnancy is “medically futile.” Abortionists who violate the law could be charged with homicide.

Top 10 Sickening Details About How Federal Employees Trafficked Baby Body Parts

This article contains disturbing information about human dismemberment.

In what should have been a national headline, the exposure of the U.S. government’s involvement in trafficking aborted baby bodies is now even more newsworthy following Friday’s announcement from the White House.

At President Biden’s direction, the Department of Health and Human Services reversed the Trump administration’s policy protecting preborn Americans from the callous dehumanization of organ harvesting and further desecration of their bodies in research disguised as “science.”

This sickening decision now gives license to our “best and brightest” government researchers and agencies, those in charge of steering the country towards medical breakthroughs and scientific progress, to use the skin, brains, and eyeballs of children in research that affects all of us and is funded by our money.

Department of Education is stalling complaints against race, sex segregation, critics say

According to a professor who says he’s filed hundreds of civil rights complaints against university programs restricted by race and sex, this is par for the course with the Denver office.

“The Denver OCR is a notoriously bad actor, much worse than any other regional office from my experience (and others),” University of Michigan-Flint economist Mark Perry wrote in an email to Just the News.

The American Enterprise Institute scholar shared his own correspondence with the Denver office and D.C. headquarters all the way through last week, regarding a complaint that’s nearly two years old.

O’Keefe joins Bartiromo to Discuss HISTORIC Legal Win vs. NYT and Upcoming Twitter / CNN Libel Suits


CENSUS: N.Y., Calif. each lose 1 House seat; Texas gains the most

U.S. Capitol Dome
U.S. Capitol Dome

America’s shift away from some urban centers and troubled states will have consequences in Congress under the new Census count.

New York will lose one of its 27 seats in the House of Representatives.

According to the Census, New York slightly gained population since the last count, but other states grew at a faster pace.

California will also lose a seat for the first time in history.

The shift may benefit Republicans more than Democrats, although that’s not a sure bet.

According to Bloomberg News:

Nigel Farage Launches ‘America’s Comeback’ Tour to Take on Biden-era Blues

Alex Wong/Getty Images
Alex Wong/Getty Images

Mr Farage — a longtime ally of former President Donald Trump — will travel across “nearly a dozen” states over the next six weeks with the goal of spurring on grassroots conservative activists in America.

For the tour, Farage has joined forces with FreedomWorks, one of the largest conservative/libertarian activist groups in America.

Announcing the tour on Monday, Brexiteer Nigel said he will be telling activists: “don’t get down, don’t get depressed, don’t get disillusioned. However bad Biden and the Democrats are, in some ways this is your opportunity.”

“We proved it in Britain, Farage said, explaining: “Brexit looked lost but we the grassroots seised it back and got it over the line.”

California is a lab for totalitarianism

Leftists in California are not trying to hide their agenda.

They’re not trying to pretend they’re moderate. They are enacting radical leftist policies.

Hilton: Public schools system is ‘most destructive’ example of systemic racism

‘The Next Revolution’ host slams President Biden’s racism hypocrisy and weighs in on the fight for school choice.

Growing number of black leaders embrace voter ID, reject Biden’s Jim Crow claims

“That black people can’t get an ID to vote — and quite frankly, a free ID, which the government has offered, to vote — is just absolute nonsense,” Robinson told Just the News earlier this month. “And I reject that wholeheartedly. And I believe most of the people of North Carolina do as well.”

It isn’t just North Carolina. Voters nationwide overwhelmingly support voter ID as an election integrity measure.

Ken Blackwell, Ohio’s first African-American secretary of state, said the news media and some corporations have wrongly twisted the narrative and made something that is popular in Georgia’s new election integrity law look racist. But he predicts it will backfire.

World News:

UK’s New Aircraft Carrier Battlegroup to Deploy to Asia in May

Christopher Furlong/Getty
Christopher Furlong/Getty

LONDON (AP) – A fleet of British warships and military aircraft billed as the “largest concentration of maritime and air power to leave the U.K. in a generation” will depart next month for visits to India, Japan, South Korea and Singapore, in a display of Britain´s ambition to exert a much stronger presence in Asia.

New aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth, the most powerful surface vessel in the Royal Navy’s history, will set sail next month for Asia with eight fast jets on board.

It will be accompanied by six Royal Navy ships, a submarine armed with Tomahawk cruise missiles, 14 naval helicopters and a company of Royal Marines.

Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said Monday the mission aims to show that Britain is “not stepping back but sailing forth to play an active role in shaping the international system.”

Gaza Islamists fire dozens of rockets toward Israel; Jerusalem tensions persist TV7 Israel News 26.4

1) Tensions escalated on Israel’s southern front with the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip, over the weekend; when Palestinian Islamists launched at-least 45 rockets and mortar-shells toward Israel’s southern communities.

2) The Islamic Revolutionary Guards Quds Force Deputy Commander for Economic Affairs, former Iranian Oil Minister Rostam Ghasemi reveals that the Iranian-backed Houthi militia was the one which targeted Israeli vessels in recent months on Tehran’s behalf.

3) The Iranian-backed Houthi militia in Yemen announced that it “carried out (yet another) attack on the King Khalid Air Base in Saudi Arabia.


Could the current EXODUS of police officers result in a FEDERAL force?

There’s an exodus occurring in police departments across the nation. The NYPD, for example, currently is experiencing a 75 percent spike in both retirements and officers wanting to leave the job.

Police union leaders cite low pay, an increased exposure to lawsuits, and demonization from politicians all as reasons contributing to the crisis.

So, if cops are leaving the job in droves, what’s the solution?

Glenn’s theory is that Democrats could use this to institute something most Marxist nations have done in the past: the establishment of a FEDERAL police force…

What Is Critical Race Theory?

Have you heard of Critical Race Theory? If you haven’t, you will.

It’s coming to a high school, college, or workplace diversity training session near you.

What do you need to know about it, and what can you do to stop it?

Karl Marx: The Details They Don’t Teach You In School (Pt. 1) | Mark Levin | POLITICS | Rubin Report

In this clip Mark discusses the importance of the US constitution and what people misunderstand about interpreting the constitution.

He fears that critical race theory and the ideas of cultural Marxism may be leading us to a constitutional crisis.

He shares the true history of a young Karl Marx.

A man who was a supporter of classical liberalism before he became an angry man suffering from social alienation, living off of subsidies who turned his attention to class conflict.

Mark discusses how progressives have been trying to change education since the progressive era. Now a woke education is a guarantee in public schools and in higher education.