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In The News:

‘Antifa’ issues veiled death threat against Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler in alarming video

Image source: Twitter video screenshot
Image source: Twitter video screenshot

According to a Thursday report from PJ Media, a person purporting to represent Antifa threatened Wheeler in a video shared Wednesday night.

In the video, a masked person threatens the Democratic mayor and even goes as far as to publish Wheeler’s home address.

The person concluded, “Ted, we are asking for the last time that you resign.

If you ignore this message outright, the destruction to your precious way of life is going to escalate.

Blood is already on your hands, Ted. The next time, it may just be your own.”

Marion County prosecutors have backlog of 194 pending murder trials- despite pair of convictions Wednesday night

INDIANAPOLIS — Marion County prosecutors secure a pair of murder convictions Wednesday night as they begin to dig out from a massive backlog of cases.

That court backlog also doesn’t include delays in trials for robberies, rapes and other violent crimes.

“You know typically we could do 10 trials a day at the City County Building and now we’re lucky to do 2 or 3 a week,” said Mears.

Because jurors are being seated in the courtroom galleries to provide social distance, there have also been severe restrictions on families watching the trials.

Delphi murders: Indiana man charged with kidnapping 9-year-old girl eyed in unsolved case, investigators say

Investigators are "looking into" James Brian Chadwell to see if there might be a connection to the unsolved Delphi murders, Carroll County Sheriff Tobe Leazenby told local news outlets.
Investigators are “looking into” James Brian Chadwell to see if there might be a connection to the unsolved Delphi murders, Carroll County Sheriff Tobe Leazenby told local news outlets. (Tippecanoe County Sheriff’s Office)

James Brian Chadwell was arrested last week after he lured the girl into his home to pet his dogs and then beat and sexually assaulted her, according to court documents obtained by FOX59 Indianapolis.

Police later discovered the girl locked inside Chadwell’s basement after she was reported missing.

German, 14, and Williams, 13, were reported missing Feb. 13, 2017, after they failed to return from a hike along the trail. A search for the pair ended the following day when their bodies were found by a volunteer about a half-mile off the trail.

Despite autopsies being conducted, no cause of death has ever been revealed for either of the girls.

While police have received tens of thousands of tips, the 4-year-old case remains unsolved.

California man charged with starting deadly fire last summer to cover up woman’s murder, investigators say

In this photo from Sept. 11, 2020, Vacaville police arrest Serriteno in the murder of Castro. (Vacaville Police Department)
In this photo from Sept. 11, 2020, Vacaville police arrest Serriteno in the murder of Castro. (Vacaville Police Department)

“Based on the extensive investigation, we believe Serriteno deliberately set the Markley Fire in an attempt to conceal his crime,” the Solano County Sheriff’s Office said.

Castro had gone on a planned date with Serriteno in Vacaville on Aug. 16, but she was never heard from again, Vacaville police previously said.

Two days later, a blaze dubbed the Markley Fire erupted in the area where Castro’s body was found and merged with other fires to become the LNU Lightning Complex, which caused six deaths and destroyed about 1,500 homes and other buildings.

Serriteno was arrested on Wednesday and charged with arson and the two murders of Mai and Bone.

Arizona murder suspect escapes custody near Atlanta airport

Jsaan Carlos Strover 20, is a suspect in a murder out of Phoenix, Arizona (Atlanta Police Department).
Jsaan Carlos Strover 20, is a suspect in a murder out of Phoenix, Arizona (Atlanta Police Department).

According to Atlanta police, investigators from Maricopa County Arizona were in Atlanta to transport a homicide suspect from Georgia back to Arizona. While at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport the suspect, 20-year-old Jsaan Carlos Strover, escaped from Arizona authorities. 

Maricopa County deputies said they were walking the suspect to the tram the runs from the airport to the car rental facility when the suspect took off and ran into a wooded area. 

Authorities from Clayton and Fulton counties were also assisting in the search.

Strover was initially arrested by U.S. Marshals in Georgia on April 12 on charges of first-degree murder, attempt to commit first-degree murder, and assault, out of Phoenix, Arizona, Fulton County officials said.

Driver charged with homicide in Georgia crash that killed 6

Monica Manire was driving the van that overturned and burst into flames, killing 6 people.
Monica Manire was driving the van that overturned and burst into flames, killing 6 people.

Witnesses have told police a second vehicle unexpectedly changed lanes ahead of the van, which then went out of control, rolled onto its side and slid across two lanes of the interstate. The 2002 Dodge Ram passenger van then burst into flames.

The vehicle seen changing lanes ahead of the van did not remain at the scene, police said in their report.

Many of the passengers in the van were part of a sober living community called We Are Living Proof. Relatives say they were heading to a recovery meeting when the crash happened.

Flames grew rapidly as bystanders tried to save the motorists from the burning passenger van, witnesses recounted later.

At least one motorist kicked out a windshield of the van in the frantic effort to rescue those inside.

2 North Carolina deputies killed, 3 others dead after ‘ambush’ during welfare check led to 13-hour standoff

Deputies shot in Watauga County SWAT teams and other law enforcement officers stage outside a home in Boone after two deputies were shot Wednesday morning.
Deputies shot in Watauga County SWAT teams and other law enforcement officers stage outside a home in Boone after two deputies were shot Wednesday morning. (WSOC)

Channel 9′s Dave Faherty spoke with Watauga County Sheriff Len Hagaman Thursday morning and he said two deputies, as well as the suspect and the suspect’s mother and stepfather, had died.

Hagaman said a Boone police officer, a Boone firefighter and an App State police officer also came under fire as they tried to rescue the wounded deputies.

The Boone police officer was hit by gunfire, but was not injured since the bullet hit his Kevlar helmet, the sheriff said.

He said deputies had been warned that the suspect was having some issues, but when they were called to the home for a welfare check on the suspect’s mother and stepfather, they had no idea the shooter was there.

Man fined $12m for police station arson during George Floyd protests

According to prosecutors, Robinson lit a Molotov cocktail which another person then threw at the Minneapolis Third Precinct headquarters – setting the building ablaze.

Surveillance video at the precinct shows Robinson lighting an “incendiary device” held by another person and later setting a fire inside the station near a first floor stairwell, officials said.

Michael Paul, of the FBI’s Minneapolis field office in a statement, insists the high fine is fair.

“The danger posed by the defendant in this case was very real,” he said.

The sentencing “sends a clear message” that when someone conducts a violent act that breaks federal law, they will be held accountable, Mr Paul said.

Jimmy Kimmel’s Interview with Mike Lindell

Mike talks about recovering from his addiction to crack and gambling, not getting vaccinated, going into hiding after getting many threats, coming to our show in 2014,

Rudy Giuliani’s apartment being raided, meeting with Donald Trump in 2016 and being photographed with papers that said “Martial Law,”

and Jimmy pushes him on his Dominion Voting Systems conspiracy, donating $50,000 to help bail out Kenosha killer Kyle Rittenhouse, and the interview is interrupted by the other Mike Lindell (James Adomian).


Oregon city issues emergency declaration to fight liberal governor’s COVID edicts. Now other local governments are asking them how they did it.

Meg Roussos/Bloomberg via Getty Images
Meg Roussos/Bloomberg via Getty Images

“After we got no response from the governor,” McQuisten told PJ Media, “we brought forth the Emergency Declaration, and batted the language back and forth for a couple of weeks.”

That led to the emergency declaration the city council passed March 23. The declaration cites Brown’s “arbitrary, ineffective, and draconian” executive orders and the lack of legal ability the city has to “flout” the mandates, which keeps the municipality from defending local businesses.

It also notes that “that neither city, county nor state government has the legal right to flout the Oregon State Constitution or the United States Constitution” and that “our citizens are fully capable of making their private, individual healthcare and lifestyle decisions themselves.”

President Trump Says May Decide To Run In 2024 After Midterms, Says Polls Show His High Popularity Among Americans

President Donald Trump (Photo by Olivier Douliery – Pool/Getty Images)
(Photo by Olivier Douliery – Pool/Getty Images)

President Trump said the best time to make a decision on his potential 2024 campaign would be after the 2022 midterms.

In an interview Wednesday, the 45th President said he’s “most seriously considering” another run in 2024, citing many polls that have indicated his high chances to succeed.

President Trump also commented on his continued leadership in the Republican Party by pointing out that many 2022 candidates have been seeking his endorsements.

President Trump also criticized Joe Biden’s plan to raise taxes. He added, private sector companies will flee the U.S., taking investment money and millions of jobs with them.

Tucker: Biden admin using force of law to crush political dissent

‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ host analyzes why federal agents raided Rudy Giuliani’s home.

World News:

UK: Christian Pastor Arrested For Saying Marriage is Between a Man and a Woman

Video Screenshot
Video Screenshot

The incident occurred outside Uxbridge Station in west London. A video clip shows the elderly pastor being confronted by police and forcefully handcuffed before being led away.

“I wasn’t making any homophobic comments, I was just defining marriage as a relationship between a man and a woman. I was only saying what the Bible says – I wasn’t wanting to hurt anyone or cause offence,” said John Sherwood, who has been a pastor for 35 years.

“I was doing what my job description says, which is to preach the gospel in open air as well as in a church building,” he added.

Israel ensures freedom-of-action vs Iran; Riyadh cannot accept Houthi presence TV7 Israel News 29.04

1) Israeli Ambassador to both the United States and the United Nations Gilad Erdan revealed that Jerusalem has clarified to Washington that the revival of the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran cannot, and will not, bind Israel from acting in the interest of its national security.

2) U.S. President Joe Biden, in his first address to a Joint Session of Congress since assuming his post, pledged to deal with Iran through “diplomacy and stern deterrence.”

3) Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman stresses that while the Kingdom hopes for good neighborly relations with Iran – its malign behavior must be addressed.


Yale Doctor: ’DIFFERENT MOTIVATIONS’ for government’s COVID vaccine push?

As an an epidemiology professor at the Yale School of Public Health, Dr. Harvey Risch is more than qualified when it comes to the COVID pandemic.

He tells Glenn the ‘tables have flipped’ since many Americans now seem more concerned with ridiculing those not planning to receive the vaccine than discussing the actual science behind it.

So, what do the statistics show? Dr. Risch argues we’ve entered into a vaccine ‘mania’ in which there seems to be a ‘different motivation’ than just vaccinating for health benefits alone.

BYE FAUCI: How Fauci manipulated the American people

Don’t ever forget how Dr. Anthony Fauci LIED to you!