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In The News:

Navy vet died after cops knelt on his neck during mental health check, family claims

Angelo Quinto, 30, was handcuffed on the floor by police responding to a mental health crisis in December. He died three days later in a hospital. (John. L. Burris)
Angelo Quinto, 30, was handcuffed on the floor by police responding to a mental health crisis in December. He died three days later in a hospital. (John. L. Burris)

According to the Washington Post, Angelo Quinto, a 30-year-old Navy veteran, was suffering from a mental health crisis, prompting his family to call 9-11. After the police arrived, Cassandra Quinto-Collins, the man’s mother, reportedly watched one responding officer kneel on her son’s neck for almost five minutes.  

In a video taken by his mother Quinto-Collins during the December 23 ordeal, Quinto is seen lying on the floor with his hands cuffed behind his back as two police officers huddle over him in Quinto’s Antioch, Calif., home.

“What happened?” Quinto-Collins is heard asking, as one of the officers shakes Quinto while calling his name.

Harvard study claims slavery reparations would have reduced COVID-19 infections and deaths

Adam Glanzman/Bloomberg via Getty Images
Adam Glanzman/Bloomberg via Getty Images

In a study published earlier this month on the benefits of reparations, researchers concluded that had a slavery reparations program been implemented pre-pandemic, it would have radically reduced coronavirus transmission among black Americans by as much as 31% to 68%.

To arrive at their amazing conclusion, the researchers compared COVID-19 infection rates in the state of Louisiana with the infection rates in South Korea, where a major outbreak was avoided. Yet despite numerous major differences between the two polities, the researchers were apparently only interested in one: “social equity.”

Essentially, they analyzed the infection rate data against several social equity indicators such as income inequality and urban density, then juxtaposed it with the “relatively egalitarian” society of South Korea. Here’s how researchers themselves describe it:

What Are Your Kids Learning in School?

Has the leftist indoctrination so prevalent in college reached down into our elementary and high schools, too? .

If so, what can concerned parents do about it?

Jill Simonian, Director of Outreach for PragerU Resources for Educators and Parents, has answers.

Hospital Pricing | Full Measure

A groundbreaking new rule you might not have heard about could save you thousands of dollars.

For the first time, America’s hospitals are required to give upfront pricing on medical procedures so you can shop around. It’s the result of a June 2019 Executive Order from President Trump.

It took effect January first after surviving legal challenges from U.S. hospitals.

Cynthia Fisher of helped push the big change and says many in both political parties support it.

Rural Hospitals | Full Measure

We’ve seen many reports of hospitals packed with Covid-19 patients. But the same pandemic that’s overcrowded city hospitals has had the opposite impact on medical facilities in the countryside.

Joce Sterman reports it’s putting many of them on the brink of financial disaster.

California’s health education framework is radical leftist indoctrination

Make no mistake, this is not about education or biology.

It’s about indoctrination and brainwashing to advance a far-leftist political agenda.

List of companies leaving California grows, citing high tax burden, cost of living

The first to announce its exodus this year was Digital Realty Trust, a $36 billion company with over 1,500 employees. It announced last month it was relocating its global headquarters from San Francisco to Austin, Texas.

Of the six corporations that announced their California exodus so far this year, four relocated to Texas. First Foundation, a California bank, moved its holding company to Dallas; Digital Realty Trust moved its data center to Austin, following Oracle, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Tesla, which all announced their exodus last year.

High profile entrepreneurs also left California last year. Billionaire Elon Musk, radio host Joe Rogan and DropBox CEO Drew Houston all moved to Texas.

Notable California venture capitalists David Blumberg, Keith Rabois and Shutterstock’s billionaire founder Jonathan Oringer left Silicon Valley for Miami, arguing San Francisco is poorly managed. Tech billionaire Larry Elison left California for Hawaii. Conservative talk show host Ben Shapiro left Lost Angeles for Nashville.

Coca-Cola Has Employees Train on How to ‘Be Less White’: Whistleblower

A truck transports bottles from the Coca-Cola company on the outskirts of Moscow on Aug. 6, 2014. (Reuters/Maxim Shemetov)
A truck transports bottles from the Coca-Cola company on the outskirts of Moscow on Aug. 6, 2014. (Reuters/Maxim Shemetov)

It’s not exactly clear where the photos were captured. The images show training titled: “Confronting Racism. Understanding what it means to be white. Challenging what it means to be racist.”

“Be less oppressive, be less arrogant, be less certain, be less defensive, be less ignorant, be more humble, listen, believe, break with apathy, break with white solidarity” are listed as means to become “less white,” according to the photos. It does not elaborate on how to accomplish that.

“In the U.S. and other Western nations, white people are socialized to feel that they are inherently superior because they are white,” one of the slides claims. “Research shows that by age 3 to 4, children understand that it is better to be white.”

Harmeet K. Dhillon, a conservative lawyer, wrote that the slides appear to show “blatant racial discrimination” against white people. Conservative political commentator Candace Owens called on employees to file lawsuits against the corporation.

Police officers join kids to go sledding down hill

These people had some special visitors on their sledding hill today. So cool!


The myth (and phony math) of ‘green’ jobs

During the 2020 election campaign, Joe Biden asserted that more than 3 million Americans are already “employed in the clean energy economy.” He then boasted that, “if executed strategically, our response to climate change can create more than 10 million well-paying jobs in the United States that will grow a stronger, more inclusive middle class … and not just in cities along the coasts.”

That would make Joe twice as boastful as his former boss, who promised the 2009 $787 billion stimulus package would create “over five million” green jobs. Four years later, the Brookings Institution reported that, “of the nearly 2.7 million ‘green jobs’ [the Obama-Biden Administration] identifies, most were bus drivers, sewage workers and other types of work that don’t fit the ‘green jobs of the future’” description. 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics counted oil industry lobbyists as holding “green” jobs! The septic tank and portable toilet servicing industry had 33 times more “green” jobs than solar electric utilities. The BLS had to admit in a June 2012 report, “Green Technologies and Practices – August 2011,” that they could identify only 854,700 “green” jobs, including janitors and cleaners

Other fact checkers have also found Biden Administration green jobs claims are “mostly false.”

John Kerry ‘colluded’ with Iran to undermine Trump, report says

Zarif held meetings with Obama administration veterans who could return to power “to devise a political strategy to undermine the Trump administration” and usher in softer diplomacy between the U.S. and Iran, according to an unnamed former senior U.S. official cited by The Washington Times.

The official was discussing face-to-face meetings between Zarif and influential Democrats in 2017, 2018 and 2019, according to The Washington Times.

Kerry has been open about the fact that he met with Zarif at least twice during the Trump administration, prompting Trump to say he should be prosecuted under the Logan Act because of the meetings.

Pelosi, Who Claims to Oppose Gerrymandering, Funnels $300,000 to Democratic Gerrymandering Group

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) / Getty Images
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) / Getty Images

After calling for an end to partisan gerrymandering, House speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) quietly funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars to former attorney general Eric Holder’s effort to redraw electoral maps in favor of Democrats, filings show.

Pelosi’s leadership PAC, PAC to the Future, pushed $300,000 to Holder’s National Democratic Redistricting Committee late last year. In 2019, Pelosi said partisan gerrymandering efforts “compromise the integrity of our democracy.”

Holder’s group has also received a six-figure contribution from George Soros’s Democracy PAC, which is primarily funded by the billionaire’s nonprofit network.

A number of union PACs, including Service Employees International Union, Transport Workers Union, and the American Federation of Teachers, have also poured cash into Holder’s group.

Alyssa Farah slams Dems’ stimulus bill: ‘It’s not COVID relief’

Former White House communications director Alyssa Farah joins America Reports to discuss Biden’s proposed $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bill.

New Jersey just legalized marijuana

Gov. Phil Murphy (D) on Monday signed multiple marijuana-related bills to legalize use for adults 21 and older, remove penalties for small amounts of the drug, and create a regulated market.

New Jersey already allowed marijuana use for medical purposes. The new laws expand legalization to recreational and other nonmedical uses.

As of Monday, 14 states and Washington, DC, have legalized marijuana for recreational purposes, although DC doesn’t allow recreational sales. (South Dakota voters approved a ballot initiative to legalize cannabis in November, but that measure’s future is uncertain as it’s caught up in legal battles.)

Oregon lawmaker facing harassment allegations, risk of expulsion, resigns

Oregon state Rep. Diego Hernandez, D-Portland, speaks at a rally Sunday, June 24, 2018, in Portland, Ore.
Oregon state Rep. Diego Hernandez, D-Portland, speaks at a rally Sunday, June 24, 2018, in Portland, Ore. Bryan M. Vance / OPB

The Portland Democrat announced the news to Oregon Public Broadcasting on Sunday night following the conclusion of a nine-month investigation into his past conduct with five women who worked with and around him at the state Capitol.

A 33-page report commissioned by the Legislative Equity Office released to the in January substantiated that Hernandez harassed, intimidated, and threatened four of the five women interviewed by investigators. 

Earlier this month, a four-member House Conduct Committee upheld most of the report’s findings. It concluded Hernandez’s behavior with three of the women violated the state Legislature’s Rule 27 related to maintaining a safe workplace.

Hernandez, who has faced hundreds of calls to resign, saw his final attempt to block the vote in federal court fail last week.

Legislation backed by Gov. Ricketts would exempt Nebraska veterans from state taxes on military retirement benefits

F35 Fighter Jet at Offutt Air Force Base during the Nebraska Defenders of Freedom Air Show

F35 Fighter Jet at Offutt Air Force Base during the Nebraska Defenders of Freedom Air ShowShutterstock

Ricketts said exempting the entire amount would help Nebraska attract, and retain, skilled military retirees.

“This is an important workforce development tool for the state of Nebraska,” Ricketts told the Legislature’s Revenue Committee, the Omaha World-Herald reported. “We need to hold on to these folks.”

Deborah Wehrli, executive director of Nebraska AMVETS, agrees with the governor.

Exempting military retirements from state taxation could help Nebraska compete for new military installations, such as the U.S. Space Command, advocates say.

The Nebraska legislature passed a 50% tax exemption last year for military retirement income and Legislative Bill 387 by State Sen. Tom Brewer, R-Gordon, would increase that to 100%.

The Witch Hunt Never Ends

This is insane! The witch hunt NEVER ends.

If they’re doing this to my father, who won’t they do it to?

Clarence Thomas dissents from Supreme Court decision not to hear cases on Pennsylvania election fraud

AP Photo/John Amis, File
AP Photo/John Amis, File

Addressing the ruling, Thomas said that the Supreme Court had the opportunity to address the issue of “nonlegislative officials” altering election rules before the next presidential election.

He described the refusal to hear the disputes as “befuddling.”

These cases provide us with an ideal opportunity to address just what authority nonlegislative officials have to set election rules, and to do so well before the next election cycle. The refusal to do so is inexplicable.”

“We failed to settle this dispute before the election, and thus provide clear rules. Now we again fail to provide clear rules for future elections,” Thomas wrote in his dissent.

“The decision to leave election law hidden beneath a shroud of doubt is baffling. By doing nothing, we invite further confusion and erosion of voter confidence.

Our fellow citizens deserve better and expect more of us.”

World News:

Pakistan: gunmen on motorcycles kill four female aid workers

A Pakistani soldier stands guard along the border fence with Afghanistan in North Waziristan. Militants have in recent months stepped up their activities in the region.
A Pakistani soldier stands guard along the border fence with Afghanistan in North Waziristan. Militants have in recent months stepped up their activities in the region. Photograph: Caren Firouz/Reuters

The attack took place in the village of Ippi near Mir Ali, a town in the North Waziristan district in a former tribal region bordering Afghanistan, said Shafi Ullah Khan Gandapur, a district police chief.

Police said the women were sent to the village by a private vocational school, Bravo Institute of Technology, Peshawar, under an agreement with the Sabawon Pakistan charity. They had planned to train 140 residents for skilled occupations that would allow them to open their own businesses.

Pakistani militants have in recent months stepped up their activities in the region, raising fears that they are regrouping in the area, a former Taliban stronghold. Militants often attack Pakistani troops in the former tribal regions bordering Afghanistan.

Italy: Dozens of Teachers Sick After Receiving Coronavirus Vaccine

AP Photo/Jean-Francois Badias
AP Photo/Jean-Francois Badias

Students in two area middle schools were sent home an hour earlier than usual due to insufficient teaching staff. At the Duca degli Abruzzi high school, 15 teachers out of 130 were absent, complaining of fever, malaise, and pain in the bones.

In a local primary school, San Domenico Savio, two out of three teachers called in sick with similar complaints of aggravated side effects from the vaccine that had left them incapacitated.

Now there is talk of some schools being forced to close for lack of teachers, the Tribuna di Treviso reports Monday, since “dozens and dozens” of local teachers find themselves unable to report for work.

The Italian daily Oggi Treviso reported on Sunday that 3,000 teachers had been inoculated on Saturday and another 2,500 were scheduled to receive the vaccine before the end of the weekend.

All the teachers inoculated against the coronavirus were under 55 years of age and all received the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Israel-Egypt deepen EastMed ties; Iran to mitigate IAEA access amid tensions – TV7 Israel News 22.02

1) Israel and Egypt sign a bilateral agreement on expanding gas-cooperation in the Eastern Mediterranean.

2) NATO agrees to deploy additional forces in Iraq.

3) Iran refuses to talk with the United States unless all sanctions are lifted.

3 rockets fall near U.S. Embassy in Baghdad

The U.S. Embassy is seen from across the Tigris River in Baghdad, Iraq Jan. 3, 2020.
The U.S. Embassy is seen from across the Tigris River in Baghdad, Iraq Jan. 3, 2020. | AP Photo/Khalid Mohammed

The Katyusha rockets landed inside the Green Zone on Monday evening Iraqi time, according to a defense official. The official said there are no reports of U.S. personnel injured, but was still waiting confirmation. 

The attack comes after at least four rockets struck Balad Air Base on Saturday night, wounding one person. The U.S. defense company Sallyport has a presence at the base and is contracted to provide support to Iraq’s fleet of U.S.-made F-16 fighter jets.

And last week, a dozen rockets targeted coalition forces outside Erbil International Airport, killing one non-U.S. contractor and wounding nine more people, including five Americans.

Italy’s DRC ambassador killed in U.N. convoy attack

Italy’s ambassador to the Democratic Republic of Congo and two others have been killed in an attempted kidnapping targeting a United Nations convoy in the east of the Central African country. David Doyle reports.


$30 billion for TRANSPORTATION? Here’s what’s inside the Democrats’ new COVID bill

Nancy Pelosi to the rescue! She, and the rest of the House Democrats, recently advanced a $1.9 TRILLION dollar COVID relief bill.

So, that means good news for small businesses and the unemployed, right? Not exactly.

Glenn explains what’s ACTUALLY inside this bill — like $30 billion for California transportation and a $15 federal minimum wage…

Ep. 1462 Is This The First Black Ops Presidential Campaign in History? – The Dan Bongino Show

In this episode, I discuss the reason Trump’s speech this weekend at CPAC is a seminal moment in election history.

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