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In The News:

Rantz: Seattle activists livid as police shoot Black murder suspect, call it execution

(Seattle Police)
(Seattle Police)

On Tuesday night, police responded to reports of gun shots near the Northwest African American Museum in Seattle.

When officers arrived, they heard multiple gun shots before encountering the unidentified man. He shot at police. They returned fire and struck the man. He died at the scene.

When officers searched the area, they found two female victims, both shot. One died on the way to the hospital, the other is in critical condition.

Police released bodycam footage and the 911 audio. It’s graphic.

WA Supreme Court nixes recall of Thurston sheriff who wouldn’t enforce mask mandate

(Thurston County Sheriff's Office)
(Thurston County Sheriff’s Office)

Snaza had previously justified his decision not to criminally enforce the state’s mask mandate by pointing to “the minor nature of the offense, and the possibility for a negative outcome during an enforcement encounter.”

The court’s reasoning for throwing out the recall petition was more broad than that, pointing out that the state’s official mask mandate doesn’t expressly lay out enforcement requirements.

Given that fact, “when the law does not impose a mandatory duty to criminally enforce the law, the officer has the discretion to decide how to enforce the law,” wrote Justice Raquel Montoya-Lewis.

Thursday’s ruling was unanimous, effectively ending the recall campaign against Sheriff Snaza.

Trenton man charged with spree of armed carjackings and armed robberies

Joshua Perez, 22, of Trenton, is charged by complaint with one count of Hobbs Act robbery, two counts of carjacking, three counts of possession of and brandishing a firearm during and in relation to a crime of violence, and one count of possession of a firearm after previously being convicted of a felony offense.

Perez is currently in custody on unrelated charges. He will make his initial appearance before U.S. Magistrate Judge Lois H. Goodman at a date to be determined.

According to the criminal complaint filed today:

Law enforcement officers investigated a series of armed robberies and carjackings in and around Trenton in late 2020. The investigation revealed that Perez, a previously convicted felon, and other individuals committed at least three of those armed carjackings and robberies.

Giving ‘hope and knowledge’: Pro-life, woman-centered care is growing across the nation

Cute little Asian girl touching and listening to pregnant mother’s belly with joy

Understanding that women need truly pro-life, woman-centered care across their entire reproductive lifespan, two organizations, the Guiding Star Project and Obria, are offering comprehensive women’s health care that is distinctively different from the mainstream model.

Leah Jacobson, who founded the Guiding Star Project in 2012, told Live Action News that, currently, mainstream women’s health care is “not telling women the truth, [and] we’re not telling women how their bodies work” when it comes to menstruation, childbearing, and lactation.

Because women don’t know how their bodies were designed, they are vulnerable to a mentality that encourages them to “alter, suppress, and destroy” the natural processes of fertility in their own bodies in order to succeed personally and/or professionally.

Jacobson believes that the unspoken assumption that women’s bodies are broken rather than beautifully designed also directly impacts the labor and delivery process, sometimes leading to unnecessary interventions that impact the United States’ disappointing maternal mortality rate, especially compared to other developed nations.

Chicago Teachers Buck Union, Vote to Reopen Schools

Getty Images
Getty Images

Chicago teachers overwhelmingly broke with union leadership and voted to return students to the classroom for in-person learning beginning Thursday.

More than two-thirds of participating Chicago Teachers Union members voted in favor of the reopening plan, which calls for Chicago Public Schools to prioritize vaccinating teachers and allows prekindergarten and special needs students to resume face-to-face learning Feb. 11.

Despite support from a majority of teachers, union leadership remains unsatisfied with the plan.

The Chicago Teachers Union has twice obstructed the district’s plan to reopen schools this year, directing teachers to continue teaching at home when district schools planned to reopen.

Many teachers who followed union instructions were declared absent without official leave. They subsequently received pay deductions and were locked out of the district’s online classrooms and accounts. 

FOX BUSINESS VIDEO: America’s first 3D-printed home hits New York real estate market

The home, which can be printed in 48 hours, can greatly reduce building costs and is listed at $300,000.

FOX Business’ Kristina Partsinevelos with more.

Teenager Charged in Wisconsin Shootings to Face Judge for Alleged Bond Violations

Kyle Rittenhouse, the teenager charged with killing two people and injuring another during demonstrations on the streets of Kenosha, Wisconsin,
Kyle Rittenhouse, the teenager charged with killing two people and injuring another during demonstrations on the streets of Kenosha, Wisconsin, (Nam Y. Huh/Pool via Reuters/File Photo)

Prosecutors accuse Kyle Rittenhouse, 18, of violating his bond terms by not informing the court of his address.

They are asking a Kenosha County, Wisconsin, judge to increase his bond by $200,000 and issue a warrant for his arrest.

Rittenhouse’s lawyers have said threats to his safety prompted him to conceal his whereabouts.

They said they would be willing to disclose his address under seal—an offer declined by prosecutors.

Twitter Locks James O’Keefe, Project Veritas Out of Their Accounts

James O'Keefe, founder of Project Veritas Action. (Courtesy of Project Veritas)
James O’Keefe, founder of Project Veritas Action. (Courtesy of Project Veritas)

In a post on Telegram, the conservative group posted screenshots from its Twitter account, saying, “We’ve temporarily limited some of your account features.”

The social media company said Project Veritas, according to the screenshot, violated its rules “against posting private information.”

A video published on YouTube Wednesday—and is still available—included Project Veritas’ Christian Hartsock confronting Facebook executive Guy Rosen apparently outside his home.

KKK member sentenced for driving into crowd of protesters

Harry Rogers, 37, of Hanover County,
Harry Rogers, 37, of Hanover County, 

Harry Rogers, 37, of Hanover County, was convicted of three counts of assault and battery, one count of destruction of property and one count of failure to stop at the scene of an accident in connection with the attack last June in Henrico County near Richmond, news outlets reported.

Rogers pleaded guilty Feb. 5 and had three felony charges and a fourth misdemeanor assault count dropped. He was originally sentenced to six years in jail in August, but he appealed that conviction.

Authorities said Rogers struck at least two people after driving over a median near a Confederate monument and then through a group of protestors in a roadway. Nobody was seriously injured, though officials said he ran over a man’s toe and twice hit a woman who stepped in front of the truck.

Citizens begin patrolling California city after unprovoked attacks

Bay Area residents have begun banding together to patrol the streets of Oakland’s Chinatown in response to a wave of unprovoked attacks and robberies on residents; Jason Rantz reacts on ‘Fox News Primetime’.


GA Election Board Investigating Sen. Warnock for Voter Registration Fraud

Forbes reported the Georgia State Election Board voted unanimously to investigate new Sen. Raphael Warnock for voter registration fraud.

Warnock served as board chairman for New Georgia Project (NGP), Stacey Abrams’ voter registration organization, in 2019.

Raffensperger stated people gave officials “specific evidence that these groups have solicited voter registrations from ineligible individuals who passed away or live out of state.”

This includes “several instances” involving NGP:

FNC’s Carlson: Democrats ‘Flat-Out Lying’ About January 6 Capitol Riot — ‘Why Would They Lie About This?’

Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” host Tucker Carlson argued there was evidence of inconsistencies in Democrats’ impeachment case they are presenting in a trial underway in the U.S. Senate.

After pointing out these inconsistencies, Carlson declared Democrats were “lying” with their presentation, and he asked why.

5 Times Joe Biden Openly Urged Violence Against Political Opponents

Democrats declared Trump was solely responsible anyway and have now kept the Senate’s top priority on punishing an ousted president as the nation faces crises on several fronts.

Meanwhile, President Joe “Unity” Biden has a history of his own encouraging political violence against opponents, and the media remained virtually silent in what has become a routine double standard.

Here are five examples of the now-president doing just that:

Biden’s immigration order ‘impacts cost’ in my state: Texas AG Paxton

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton argues President Biden doesn’t have the ability under the Constitution ‘to just change what Congress put in place in federal law and that’s effectively what he’s done’ with his executive order.

White House encouraging illegal immigrants to get vaccine

In an official statement, DHS says everyone should get vaccinated “regardless of immigration status” once eligible.

Ingraham: Working Americans are ‘disposable and dispensable’ to Biden

Laura Ingraham accuses the president of turning his back on America’s working people.

World News:

No Sputnik Shot For Ukraine As Kyiv Bans Registration Of COVID Vaccines From ‘Aggressor States’

Talking about the possible use of Russian vaccines, Zelenskiy said last week that "Ukrainians are not guinea pigs." (file photo)
Talking about the possible use of Russian vaccines, Zelenskiy said last week that “Ukrainians are not guinea pigs.” (file photo)

The government made the decision on February 8 but did not announce it publicly until February 10, when it appeared on the government’s website.

“The registration of vaccines or other medical immunobiological medicines specific to the prevention of the acute respiratory disease COVID-19 caused by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus…[that were] developed and/or produced in a nation recognized by the Verkhovna Rada (parliament) of Ukraine as an aggressor-state, is banned,” the government’s ruling says.

Talking about the possible use of Russian vaccines, Zelenskiy said last week that “Ukrainians are not guinea pigs” and that the government didn’t “have the right to conduct experiments on our people.”

Israel is prepared for war, IDF Chief says; US undeterred by Iran threats – TV7 Israel News 11.02.21

1) The IDF Chief of General Staff affirms: Israel is well prepared for an all-out war.

2) The Islamic Republic of Iran warns that the window of opportunity to salvage the 2015 nuclear agreement – is not unlimited in time

3) The United States condemns the Iranian-backed Houthis in response to a cross-border terror attack against a civilian airport in Saudi Arabia.

Russian Court Gives Jehovah’s Witness More Than Seven Years In Prison

The sentence is the harshest since authorities launched a campaign against the religious group after it was officially labeled as extremist and banned in the country in 2017.

The Abinsk district court on February 10 found Aleksandr Ivshin guilty of the “organization of an extremist group’s activities,” and sentenced him the same day.

Yaroslav Sivulsky of the European Association of Jehovah’s Witnesses told RFE/RL on February 11 that this was the “harshest sentence ever given to a Jehovah’s Witness in Russia” and is “equal to life imprisonment” given Ivshin’s age.

“Aleksandr Ivshin is an old person and has medical problems. In fact, he was handed a prison term that might be longer that the time he will live,” Sivulsky said.

‘Youthful Rioters With a Migration Background’ Firebomb Swedish Church, Attack Many Other Churches Across Europe. Christians Wonder “Why?”

Swedish church that was firebombed by Muslims. Image from tweet.
Swedish church that was firebombed by Muslims. Image from tweet.

Actually, attacks on churches have become “a familiar sight” all throughout Western Europe, wherever there is a notable Muslim/migrant presence.

In France, which has one of if not the largest Muslim populations in the Western world, two churches are reportedly attacked every day.

Along with arson attempts, typically—and rather with diabolical intent—altars are desecrated, crucifixes broken, statues mocked and/or beheaded. In one instance, vandals plundered and used human excrement to draw a cross on the Notre-Dame des Enfants Church in Nimes; consecrated bread was found thrown outside among garbage.

One week later, vandals desecrated and smashed crosses and statues at Saint-Alain Cathedral in Lavaur; they mangled the arms of a crucified Christ in a mocking manner and an altar cloth was burned.

The same situation prevails in Germany, which also has an immense Muslim population. In Bavaria and the Alps alone, some 200 churches have been attacked and many crosses broken:

China bans BBC as it keeps reporting on Chinese Muslim genocide

BBC Radio Outside Broadcasts. (Amanda Slater/Flickr)
BBC Radio Outside Broadcasts. (Amanda Slater/Flickr)

BBC reporting in China has increasingly drawn criticism from Chinese officials.

On Friday, Global Times had referred to the BBC as the “biased broadcasting corporation” and shared calls for the new station to lose its broadcasting license.

Last Thursday, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin denied a BBC report detailing claims of systematic sexual assault and abuse against women in Xinjiang and said the women who raised the allegations lied.

China has also targeted its own citizens for reporting they deemed dangerous.

Germany to reinstate border controls over virus variant

German Chancellor Angela Merkel delivers a speech during a meeting of the German federal parliament, Bundestag, at the Reichstag building in Berlin, Germany, Thursday, Feb. 11,
German Chancellor Angela Merkel delivers a speech during a meeting of the German federal parliament, Bundestag, at the Reichstag building in Berlin, Germany, Thursday, Feb. 11, 2021. (AP Photo/Michael Sohn)

BERLIN — The German government decided Thursday to temporarily reinstate border controls along its southeastern frontier after designating the Czech Republic and parts of Austria as “mutation areas” due to their high number of variant coronavirus cases, German news agency dpa reported.

It was not clear for how long the border controls would last.

Katie Hopkins: DO you REMEMBER giving politicians ALL this power?

Katie Hopkins:

DO you REMEMBER giving politicians ALL this power?


Undercover covid-cops swarmed Sergey Naumenko who has a valid medical exemption.

It’s legit — he’s not faking it.

To make matters worse, they arrested his wife for recording their unlawful conduct.


Ep. 1455 Another Disturbing Cancel Culture Incident – The Dan Bongino Show

In this episode, I discuss the latest disgusting move by the cancel culture tyrants to cancel this conservative star from Disney.

I also address the Democrat’s latest disturbing stunt in the impeachment hoax.