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In The News:

MD School District to Spend Over $450,000 on ‘Anti-Racist Audit’

According to a Tuesday memo from the county’s superintendent of schools, Montgomery County Public Schools will award a one-year “anti-racist” consulting contract to the Mid-Atlantic Equity Consortium for $454,680.

The consulting firm will investigate the district’s culture, hiring practices, and pre-K-12 curriculum, which Montgomery County says should be tailored so that it “strengthens students’ sense of racial, ethnic, and tribal identities, helps students understand and resist systems of oppression, and empowers students to see themselves as change agents.”

The Mid-Atlantic Equity Consortium’s website states that it promotes “equity in education to achieve social justice” and touts a handful of left-leaning education partnerships.

Among those partners is the Southern Poverty Law Center’s “Teaching Tolerance” arm, which pushes for students to learn about slavery beginning in kindergarten.

OH WOW: Watch The End To This CRAZY Police Chase in California

Dr. Scott Atlas: Dr. Fauci ‘Political Animal,’ Backs Biden

“There’s all kinds of prognostications that were made — all negative, all to undermine what the reality of the timelines were, all to undermine the president,” Dr Atlas told host Laura Ingraham. “And I think, you know, once you do that sort of thing and make yourself a political animal, basically, you lose your credibility.”

Atlas also called out the sideline critics of the Biden transition team potentially considering more lockdowns to slow the spread, which Fauci pushed and ultimately failed Americans, he added.

“The fact is the lockdowns do not get rid of the virus,” Atlas said. “The lockdowns kill people. The lockdowns destroy families. The lockdowns increase the risk of suicide and drug overdose, missed cancer diagnosis, missed medical care. All those things happen with the lockdowns.

Newsmax Again Beats Fox Business, CNBC in Ratings

Lyndsay Keith and Sean Spicer on the set of "Spicer & Co.," Newsmax TV's dynamic news talk show.
Lyndsay Keith and Sean Spicer on the set of “Spicer & Co.,” Newsmax TV’s dynamic news talk show.

Fox News viewers appear to be deserting the network in droves as they tune into Newsmax TV.

Nielsen data confirms the trend in the post-election period last week.

During Wednesday through Friday last week, Newsmax TV led Fox Business and CNBC in all key day parts.

Newsmax is also seeing a terrific surge across its media properties, starting with its cable and satellite news channel. OTT viewership of the channel is also up on devices like Roku, YouTube, and Xumo.



Joining SAF and CCRKBA are the Firearms Policy Coalition and San Diego County Gun Owners along with two private businesses and nearly a dozen individuals.

Named as defendants are California Attorney General Xavier Becerra and Luis Lopez, director of the state Department of Justice, Bureau of Firearms, in their official capacities.

The lawsuit was filed in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California. Plaintiffs are represented by attorneys Raymond M. DiGuiseppe of Southport, NC and Michael P. Sousa of San Diego.

The case is known as Renna, v. Calif. Attorney General Xavier Becerra, .

Proclamation on Veterans Day, 2020

America’s veterans have fought to defend our country, its values, and its interests since the first days of our founding. They have defeated tyrants, eliminated terrorists, and secured freedom at home and abroad.

Their courage and fortitude in the face of adversity serve as an example for all Americans. On Veterans Day, we pause to pay tribute to all who have proudly worn our Nation’s uniform.

These Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and Coast Guardsmen selflessly placed lives, well‑being, and security of others before their own. We enjoy the privileges of peace, prosperity, and freedom because of our veterans, and we are forever indebted to them beyond measure.

President Trump and The First Lady Participate in a National Veterans Day Observance

Arlington, VA.

Marine Veteran & USPS Whistleblower Richard Hopkins Stands By His Original Account: I Did Not Recant!

[WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N. Y.—Nov. 11, 2020] The Erie, Pennsylvania post office whistleblower confirmed his original account of late ballots postmarked retroactive to Nov. 3, Election Day, at his post office, in an exclusive interview with Project Veritas founder and CEO James O’Keefe.

“They were grilling the hell out of me,” said Richard Hopkins to O’Keefe. “I feel like I just got played.”

O’Keefe said Hopkins’ experience would have a chilling effect on government accountability and the willingness of whistleblowers to come forward.

RAW AUDIO: USPS Whistleblower Richard Hopkins FULL COERCIVE INTERROGATION By Federal Agents

RAW AUDIO: USPS Whistleblower Richard Hopkins FULL COERCIVE INTERROGATION By Federal Agents

USPS Whistleblower Richard Hopkins Gives New Interview Detailing Coercion Tactics Used By Fed Agents

RECORDING: Federal agents “coerce” USPS whistleblower Hopkins to water down story


GA Senate candidate Ossoff wants to ban semi-auto rifles, ‘high-capacity’ magazines, and more

Jon Ossoff holds a campaign event at Grant Park on Friday, Nov. 6, 2020 in Atlanta, GA. Ossoff, who is challenging incumbent U.S. Sen. David Perdue, will likely forced into a January runoff between the two men.
Jon Ossoff holds a campaign event at Grant Park on Friday, Nov. 6, 2020 in Atlanta, GA. Ossoff, who is challenging incumbent U.S. Sen. David Perdue, will likely forced into a January runoff between the two men. (Kent Nishimura/Los Angeles Times/TNS)

Jon Ossoff, a candidate for one of Georgia’s two runoff senate elections, said on his campaign website that he supports a ban on semi-automatic rifles, which he referred to as “assault weapons,” and a ban on “high-capacity magazines,” as well as “red flag” confiscation laws.

Ossoff stated in his gun policy platform, “I support the Second Amendment and I respect the overwhelming majority of gun owners who recognize that guns aren’t toys; they are lethal and dangerous tools.”

Ossoff then listed a number of gun policy proposals he supports, including the ban on semi-automatic rifles and magazines over a certain capacity.

BIGGEST LOSERS: Lincoln-Themed Liberal Super PAC Goes 0-7 in Key Senate Races

It didn’t matter. The Lincoln Project spent a total of $2.4 million trying to unseat Lindsey Graham, who ended up winning by more than 10 percentage points.

The group’s track record in other key Senate races was just as embarrassing. In every state where the Lincoln Project spent at least $200,000, the Republican candidate won.

The group spent $4.3 million on the Alaska Senate race, for example, in the form of attack ads against incumbent Sen. Dan Sullivan (R., Alaska) and ads supporting the Democrat-aligned independent candidate, Al Gross.

The race was finally called on Wednesday, with Sullivan winning reelection by 20 percentage points.

Ilhan Omar’s Campaign Payments to Husband’s Firm Near $2.8 Million

The payments to husband Tim Mynett’s firm “E Street Group LLC” began before the two were married, when it was only alleged that the two had a relationship (which Omar denied).

The two would later marry within months of Omar denying the duo’s relationship – and the payments have only increased since.

As of writing, 75% of the members of the so-called “squad” have been investigated for alleged campaign finance abuses, with Rep. Ayanna Pressley being the only one not investigated.

Actual election map shows strong support for President Trump in key battleground states

While the Democrats and mainstream media are rushing to call the election for Joe Biden, the election is still far from over.

One America’s Pearson Sharp takes a look at the true election map, revealing a strong path to victory for President Trump.

Actor Jon Voight says fighting ‘lie’ that Biden won is ‘greatest fight since the Civil War’

“This is now our greatest fight since the Civil War. The battle of righteousness versus Satan, yes Satan — because these leftists are evil.”

Actor and ardent Trump supporter Jon Voight released a video Tuesday attacking the results of the 2020 election and President-elect Joe Biden, saying the U.S. is now entering the “greatest fight since the Civil War.”

ANALYSIS: 10,000 Dead People Voted in Michigan Using Mail-in Ballots

The analysis, provided by Richard Baris, the director of the Big Data Poll company, reveals that more than 10,000 people both confirmed or suspected dead returned mail-in ballots to vote in Michigan this past election.

The data gleaned from the analysis indicates voter fraud; that somebody other than the person named on the ballot tried casting the vote on behalf of these people.

“It’s also entirely possible that some of them aren’t even real people,” Baris told reporters. “If someone is 110 or some ridiculous age, we should have their death record but do not.”

Time For Unity? Don’t Make Me Laugh!

Are Democrats seriously calling for unity behind Joe Biden?

If they were serious, they’d support investigating voter fraud in this election.
Here’s the Simple Truth.

Alaska victory for Dan Sullivan marks GOP’s 50th win in the Senate

Sullivan’s victory marks the 50th win for Republicans in the Senate.

As of Tuesday, Republicans secured 49 seats for the next Senate, indicating a path to hold onto their narrow majority, according to Associated Press projections. Democrats flipped two seats in Arizona and Colorado, and Republicans flipped Democratic Sen. Doug Jones’s seat in Alabama.

Several incumbents viewed by pollsters and election forecasters as vulnerable such as Sens. Susan Collins, Joni Ernst, and Lindsey Graham, were able to secure their reelections comfortably.

Trump camp: 234 pgs of election fraud affidavits; Trump wins NC, AK; Grassley asks DOJ: probe Hunter

( Starts at 2:26 min. mark)The Trump campaign says their lawsuit will “prevail” in Pennsylvania, Trump’s campaign also filed a lawsuit in Michigan’s U.S. District Court, and a new projection shows Trump is expected to win both Alaska and North Carolina.

FOX NEWS VIDEO: Ingraham: From Trump’s ‘America first’ to Biden’s ‘America last’

‘The Ingraham Angle’ host sounds off on the president-elect’s globalist platform.

Tammy Bruce on ‘Trump Accountability Project’: The making of lists never ends well

Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce weighs in on calls to keep records of Trump supporters.

FOX NEWS VIDEO: Tucker: How ‘defund the police’ movement backfired on Democrats

‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ host sheds light on the ‘massive consequences’ of the left’s anti-police rhetoric.

Gutfeld on the Democrats’ desire to name and shame Trump supporters

Media and Democrats demand retribution against Trump supporters; reaction and analysis on ‘The Five’.

World News:

Report: Iran’s uranium stockpile 12 times limit set in 2015 nuclear deal

Cascade of gas centrifuges used to produce enriched uranium. (U.S. Department of Energy Archives/Released)
Cascade of gas centrifuges used to produce enriched uranium. (U.S. Department of Energy Archives/Released)

The 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), also known as the Iran nuclear deal,  permits Iran only to keep a stockpile of 202.8 kilograms (447 pounds). 

The findings were revealed in an IAEA report distributed to member countries, but later obtained by the Associated Press.

The IAEA’s further found on Nov. 2. that Iran has also broken a uranium enrichment limit. Iran has reportedly enriched uranium to a purity of 4.5 percent, higher than the 3.67 percent allowed under the JCPOA.

UK death toll from Covid-19 passes 50,000

The news follows the announcement on Monday that at a vaccine had been shown to be effective. Photograph: John Stillwell/PA
The news follows the announcement on Monday that at a vaccine had been shown to be effective. Photograph: John Stillwell/PA

The news served as a sobering reminder of the severity of the crisis after hopes were raised on Monday that an end may be in sight with announcement that a vaccine had been shown to be effective.

The alarming milestone was passed on Wednesday as Whitehall said a further 595 people had died within 28 days of testing positive, bringing the total by this measure to 50,365.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) compiles separate figures which suggest the death toll from Covid-19 is substantially higher – closer to 65,000.

Lebanon-Israel hold talks;IDF downs Hezbollah drone;Bahrain-peace ratified -TV7 Israel News 11.11.20

1) Israel’s Parliament ratifies into law a U.S.-brokered agreement establishing formal relations with the Kingdom of Bahrain.

2) Representatives from Beirut and Jerusalem resumed negotiations over demarcation of their maritime border; the fourth round of talks between the two neighboring foes.

3) The Iranian Ayatollah regime is convinced that a future U.S. Administration under presumed winner of the Presidential elections Joe Biden will not only re-enter the 2015 multilateral nuclear agreement with Tehran – but will also compensate the Islamic Republic.

Turkey offended by Pompeo’s plan to discuss religious issues

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo speaks during a media briefing, Tuesday, Nov. 10, 2020, at the State Department in Washington.
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo speaks during a media briefing, Tuesday, Nov. 10, 2020, at the State Department in Washington. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin, Pool)

The State Department said in a statement Tuesday that Pompeo would travel to Istanbul to meet with Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I, the spiritual leader of the world’s Greek Orthodox Christians.

The top U.S. diplomat plans to discuss religious issues in Turkey and to promote “our strong stance on religious freedom around the world,” the statement read.

Turkey’s Foreign Ministry rebuked the statement “as extremely inappropriate,” insisting that the country protects the rights of citizens of various faiths to freely practice their religions.

$600 billion assets, hundreds of large Chinese companies in severe crisis; US fights back China

Hundreds and hundreds of million dollar Chinese companies are in severe debt and filing for bankruptcy. This is due to the economic fallout caused by the Chinese Communist Party virus pandemic.

Over 3-hundred-million Chinese people have quit the CCP and related organizations online. And Slovakia passed a law defining the Communist Party as a criminal organization.

It’s the sixth country from the previous Communist Bloc in East Europe to take action of this kind. Confucius institutes are part of the “United Front” network of the Chinese Communist Party.

This network has infiltrated every level of US society. The US is fighting back, imposing sanctions on four more Chinese officials in Hong Kong. And who will win the US election? This will have a huge impact on China’s fate. The lawsuits on election fraud are moving on, in different states.


Horowitz: The ultimate election fraud? Violating civil liberties

urbazon/Getty Images
urbazon/Getty Images

Meanwhile, crime is skyrocketing in many of these cities, yet it’s the peaceful citizens who must fear the police if they fail to cover up their humanity, not the criminals.

As such, the citizenry must fear both the authoritarian government and the anarchists and criminals at the same time. A mix of North Korea and Afghanistan?

What is so ironic about this form of fascism is that these draconian restrictions have already been in place for months to varying degrees and, by proponents’ own admission, have failed to stop the spread.

Thus, now, a governor can suspend life, liberty, property, religious services, and the right to breathe free air even outdoors indefinitely without any checks and balances and without having to show evidence that those measures work.

Consider the absurdity of responding to a spread with an outdoor mask mandate.