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Supreme Court issues flurry of last-minute election orders

A woman and man pray outside the Supreme Court on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2020, the day after the Senate confirmed Amy Coney Barrett to become a Supreme Court Justice.
A woman and man pray outside the Supreme Court on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2020, the day after the Senate confirmed Amy Coney Barrett to become a Supreme Court Justice. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

WASHINGTON (AP) — North Carolina, yes. Pennsylvania, yes. Wisconsin, no. That’s how the Supreme Court has answered questions in recent days about an extended timeline for receiving and counting ballots in those states.

In each case, Democrats backed the extensions and Republicans opposed them. All three states have Democratic governors and legislatures controlled by the GOP.

At first blush, the difference in the outcomes at the Supreme Court seems odd because the high court typically takes up issues to harmonize the rules across the country. But elections are largely governed by states, and the rules differ from one state to the next.

Ex-Philly Police Commish Explains Why Cops Shoot Knife-Wielding Suspects

Former Philadelphia police commissioner Charles Ramsey on Tuesday told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that the idea of shooting dangerous suspects “to injure” is not realistic or an accepted police tactic.

“Officers are trained to shoot at what we call center mass,” Ramsey said. “Despite what you may see on TV, it’s not easy to hit extremities and so forth—especially under stress.”

The response came during an interview over the police shooting of an African-American man in Philadelphia on Monday.

Intercept Co-Founder Resigns Because Colleagues Wouldn’t Let Him Criticize Joe Biden

“The Intercept’s editors, in violation of my contractual right of editorial freedom, censored an article I wrote this week, refusing to publish it unless I remove all sections critical of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, the candidate vehemently supported by all New-York-based Intercept editors involved in this effort at suppression,” Greenwald wrote in a column on Substack.

“The censored article, based on recently revealed emails and witness testimony, raised critical questions about Biden’s conduct.”

Greenwald added that Intercept editors went as far as to refuse Greenwald the freedom to publish the content with any other publication.

They also, he says, declined his offer to refute his claims with an article of their own challenging Greenwald’s assertions and letting readers decide.

Twitter locked US border chief’s account after he celebrated the wall keeping dangerous illegal aliens out of the country

Photo by Samuel Corum/Getty Images
Photo by Samuel Corum/Getty Images

According to screenshots obtained by The Federalist, Morgan tweeted “.@CBP and @USACEHQ continue to build new wall every day.

Every mile helps us stop gang members, murderers, sexual predators, and drugs from entering our country. It’s a fact, walls work.”

Morgan subsequently received an email from Twitter explaining that his account was locked for violating its “hateful conduct” policy, which states,

“You may not promote violence against or directly attack or threaten other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, caste, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or serious disease.”


Biden ‘compromised’ by China: ex-Hunter associate; DOJ charges 8 linked to China-run operation | NTD

Biden ‘Compromised’ by China: Ex-Associate
In a pretty shocking interview last night, Hunter Biden’s former business partner said Joe Biden is compromised by communist China.

Tony Bobulinski says he worked on a deal between a major Chinese energy company and the Biden family while Joe Biden was Vice President.

He said the vice president was directly involved in the project and even had an equity stake in it.

It’s big news because Biden has always said he never discussed business with his son Hunter.

2:32 :DOJ Charges 8 Linked to Illegal Operation,

5:16: Texas Voter Fraud Scheme Under Investigation,

Rudy Giuliani to Newsmax TV: Jack Dorsey ‘Should Be Indicted for Perjury’

Dorsey claimed during the hearing that Twitter prevented the story from spreading because of its policy on hacked material, and that they have since updated their policy, despite appearing to say earlier in the hearing that Twitter blocked the story out of concern that it was Russian disinformation.

Giuliani added, “I think I’d do an immediate indictment for perjury and let the big shot be subjected to the same punishment that ordinary Americans are subjected to.

I believe because he thinks he’s a genius, left-wing billionaire … he runs this country. Nobody gets to suppress speech like that, as Sen. [Ted] Cruz said, he thinks he’s God because he’s a computer genius.”


Hiding Their Embarrassment? Nets Bury Disappointing Revelation that ‘Anonymous’ Is a Nobody

Back on September 5, 2018, all three networks treated as hugely important an “anonymous” op-ed from someone the New York Times described as a “senior” official in the Trump administration, unloading his list of grievances with the President. It was “jaw dropping,” “an extraordinary alarm,” and “the most daunting opposition he’s faced yet,” according to the Big Three that night.

It led all three newscasts that night, with nearly 15 minutes of airtime.

Now we know that the “senior” official wasn’t very senior at all, but the then-deputy chief of staff at the Department of Homeland Security, Miles Taylor, who’s gone on to become a paid talking head on CNN, where he continues to take potshots at the President.

So how did those newscasts last night play the fact that they were conned by the New York Times and a low-level flunkie? They barely mentioned it.

Pics/Video: US launches ballistic missile 4,200 miles into the Pacific Ocean in new test

A Minuteman III Interncontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) takes off from Vandenberg Air Force Base, California, Oct. 29, 2020.
A Minuteman III Interncontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) takes off from Vandenberg Air Force Base, California, Oct. 29, 2020. (U.S. Air Force photo/Released)

An unarmed U.S. Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California early Thursday morning and flew 4,200 miles before landing at a missile range in the Pacific Ocean.

The Air Force Global Strike Command reported the launch in a Thursday press statement and the Air Force shared two videos of the launch.

The first Air Force video contained footage and audio of the launch.

The second video contained the same launch footage, along with commentary about the launch by 30th Wing Public Affairs member Michael Stonecypher.

10 shot, 2 fatally, Wednesday in Chicago

Two people were killed and eight others injured, including a teenage boy, in shootings Wednesday across Chicago.

In the latest fatal shooting, a 31-year-old man was killed in Chatham on the South Side.

Earlier Wednesday, a 23-year-old man was fatally shot in Back of the Yards on the South Side.


Florida woman ambushed at gunpoint, tied up in home invasion caught on video

Surveillance video shows the woman being held at gunpoint and forced to escort the men inside the home.

Additional video from inside the home shows the suspects digging through the woman’s belongings.

While the two men were inside, a female suspect was caught on a doorbell camera walking up to the front door.

The Old Border Fence Vs The New Border Wall

Find out what makes the new border wall different than the border fence the United States had previously.

New York City luxury buildings hire armed guards for possible Election Day unrest


“There will be officers with submachine guns,” the source said. “We’ve always had immense security, but there will be more. We’ll have extra patrols. The entire building can be shut down with one button.”

Many buildings are hiring off duty cops instead of private security companies because they fear a repeat of Denver, where a private guard shot and killed a protester, said one real estate insider.

Added another luxury building board member said high-end residents have been warned to take precautions by the NYPD.


FOX NEWS VIDEO: ‘Cancel culture’ pushed Girls Scouts to delete congratulatory Amy Coney Barrett tweet: Tammy Bruce

Fox News Contributor Tammy Bruce weighs in on the Girl Scouts deleting a tweet congratulating Amy Coney Barrett.

Schumer PAC Teams with Montana Liberals Disguised as Grassroots Hunting Group

Montana Senate candidate Steve Bullock (D.) / Getty Images
Montana Senate candidate Steve Bullock (D.) / Getty Images

Montana Hunters and Anglers has spent millions to blanket state airwaves with ads implying that Bullock has the support of local sportsmen.

The group typically attempts to obscure its ties to national liberals—its website says it “puts Montana first, not bigwigs back east.” Its latest spot, however, is a joint venture with Schumer’s Senate Majority PAC.

The ad, which started airing across the state this week, comes after the Senate Majority PAC reported spending nearly $1.5 million on media buys opposing Bullock’s Republican opponent, Sen. Steve Daines.

Rudy Giuliani rages on Kennedy, Jack Dorsey

Former NYC Mayor and current attorney to President Trump, Rudy Giuliani comments exclusively on his heated on-air exchange with Kennedy of Fox Business, gives his thoughts on Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and alleged social platform censorship of his own investigation into business dealings involving Democratic Nominee Joe Biden and his son Hunter, and more. – with Newsmax TV’s Emma Rechenberg,


Proof! Sen. Marsha Blackburn Shows How Twitter Censors by Citing MRC

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said “We haven’t censored the U.S. president.” Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) proved him wrong by referencing a Media Research Center study during yesterday’s Senate hearing discussing Big Tech bias.

The senator told Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey in the hearing, “You have censored Joe Biden zero times, Mr. Dorsey. You have censored Donald Trump 65 times.”

She then reminded him that he had told Sen. Cory Gardner (R-CO) that the Iranian Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s tweets did not violate Twitter Terms of Service.

“Who elected the Ayatollah?” asked Blackburn.

Dorsey answered quietly, “I don’t know.”

“So, Mr. Dorsey, is Donald Trump a world’s leader?” Blackburn continued.

Dan Ball Interview W Comedian & Author ‘From The Foster House To The White House’, Terrence Williams

Dan Ball Interview W Comedian & Author ‘From The Foster House To The White House’, Terrence Williams.


Bokhari: Anna Makanju of Facebook and Atlantic Council Is Tied to Ukraine, Biden, Burisma

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg appears on a screen as he speaks remotely during a hearing before the Senate Commerce Committee on Capitol Hill, Wednesday, Oct. 28, 2020,
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg appears on a screen as he speaks remotely during a hearing before the Senate Commerce Committee on Capitol Hill, Wednesday, Oct. 28, 2020, in Washington. The committee summoned the CEOs of Twitter, Facebook and Google to.

Testifying before the Senate Commerce Committee, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg claimed ignorance, telling Sen. John Thune (R-SD he wasn’t aware that Makanju, a senior employee in his content regulation apparatus was a former top Biden adviser.

As a policy manager for content regulation, Makanju was in a position to influence Facebook’s decision to censor the New York Post’s bombshell reporting about the Biden family’s ties to Ukraine and Burisma.

The conflict of interest is clear: Makanju is herself intimately involved in the same web that connects Burisma, Ukraine, the Bidens, and Facebook.

Trump delivers results on behalf of the American people: Mark Meadows

White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows discusses the election and GDP Q3 growth.

Former Democrat Rubin on why he is voting for Trump: ‘No feeling of patriotism’ on the left anymore


“As most of your audience knows, I have been a lifelong Democrat.

I have voted for Obama twice, I voted for Gore, I voted for John Kerry, this is the first time I ever voted for a Republican president,” the host of “The Dave Rubin Show” told “Fox & Friends.”

“But, I see Trump, basically, as the last bulwark to stop the radical left,” Rubin said.

Rubin said that though Biden may not be radically left and his positions are “unclear,” the “progressive-left” movement will have influence if he takes office.

He also said there is “no feeling of patriotism” on the left anymore.

Flint City Council Member & Life-Long Democrat Endorses Trump In Best Speech You’ll Ever Hear

“I’m not a boot licker.”

Don’t fall for Joe Biden’s sneaky plan

This is only a handful of the radical leftists Biden is openly embracing, all the while pretending to be moderate.
Liz Wheeler.

World News:

Mexico: At least 59 bodies found in unmarked graves

image captionThe discovery was made in one of the most violent areas of Mexico
EPA image The discovery was made in one of the most violent areas of Mexico

The bodies, possibly of teenagers, were discovered in Guanajuato state.

The discovery was made in the Salvatierra municipality, an area that has become one of the most violent places in Mexico, as drug cartels fight for control of trafficking routes.

More than 2,200 murders were recorded in Guanajuato state in the first eight months of the year.


Melbourne train riders potentially exposed to virus due to alleged cleaning cover-up

The allegations – aired during an IBAC hearing as part of the corruption watchdog’s investigation into instances of misconduct in Melbourne’s rail network – said Transclean was cutting corners and not doing the job properly.

As a result, Melbourne riders could have been exposed to the coronavirus. Phone conversations played during the hearing indicated Mr Bollas knew the cleaning company was cutting corners but covered the matter up to continue receiving cash payments.

Iran to support Syria in battle for Golan region; Islamism plagues France – TV7 Israel News 29.10.20

1) Iran vows to help Syria reconquer Israel’s northern Golan Heights region.

2) Islamist terrorism is plaguing France once again, with a deadly attack claiming the lives of three Christian believers at a Church in the city of Nice.

3) Germany warns Muslim leaders not to plan into the hands of radical Islamists.

2 Islamic terrorists get death sentences for multiple attacks including 2015 Mali hotel slaughter that killed 20

Fawaz Ould Ahmed and Sadou Chaka pleaded guilty and expressed no remorse for the three attacks, French news agency AFP reported.

Ould Ahmed and Chaka are best known, however, for planning the November 2015 attack on the Radisson Blu hotel in the capital.

Two terrorists took 170 people hostage at the posh hotel, eventually executing 20 of them before special forces stormed the building and killed the jihadists.


Potential Copycat Terror Attack Foiled in Paris Suburbs After Nice Attack


The man, whose age and name are currently unknown, has been under police surveillance for several days and is on the French anti-terrorism watchlist known as the S-File.

According to a report from French newspaper Le Parisien, the man’s father reported to police that his son had told him he wanted to “do as in Nice” following the terrorist attack that claimed the lives of three people at a church in the city.

The newspaper also states that the man often walked by local churches in the commune of Sartrouville, located in the Paris suburb of Yvelines.

China Disappears Mother Protesting Faulty Chinese Vaccines

Vaccine petitioner He Fangmei is shown in an undated photo.
Vaccine petitioner He Fangmei is shown in an undated photo.

Following the arrests, an investigation into Chengsheng’s sale of defective vaccines revealed the company sold roughly half a million faulty doses alone, with similar sales by other companies bringing the total figure in China to over 1 million.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has struggled to address the scandal and public opinion has remained decisively negative. In early 2019, months after the scandal broke, a viral video showed an angry mob assaulting a health official in Jiangsu province.

Since her daughter’s incapacitation, He has vigorously campaigned for restitution from the Chinese authorities, accumulating an extensive arrest record in the process.


Labour Party Suspends Fmr Leader Jeremy Corbyn After He Rejected Antisemitism Report

BEN STANSALL/AFP via Getty Images
BEN STANSALL/AFP via Getty Images

The UK’s Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) report released on Thursday found there were “serious failings” in the Labour Party’s handling of antisemitism complaints amongst its membership during the veteran socialist’s leadership.

The antiracism watchdog found the party responsible for political interference in the complaints, harassment, and had failed to provide adequate training to those handling antisemitism accusations.

The EHRC’s lead investigator, Alasdair Henderson, said: “As the leader of the party at the time, and given the extent of the failings we found in the political interference within the leader of the opposition’s office, Jeremy Corbyn is ultimately accountable and responsible for what happened at that time.”

‘Islamo-Fascist’ Terror: Three Dead, Several Injured After Church Attack in Nice, France

Getty Images
Getty Images

Update 1210 GMT — the victim was “almost beheaded”

Of the three dead in Thursday’s Nice attack, two victims were women and one was a man.

One of those women, we now know was killed next to the font of the Notre Dame church, French media reporting she was nearly completely beheaded — a development from earlier reports that stated a throat had been “cut”. The man who died was also killed inside the church was a server or sacristan.

Another woman who was stabbed several times managed to escape the church but succumbed to her injuries outside.

French media is now widely reporting that the attacker did shout “Allah akbar” as he struck, in line with the earlier comments of the mayor of Nice.


The Irony of American History and Russian Disinformation

(Image source: iStock)
US Media Concept: (Image source: iStock)

We have been subjected to four years of large parts of the US government shrieking about Russia and the threats posed by that country to the safety of our republic.

How did so many miss their own serial treasons, in concert with the Soviet and Russian governments, dating back to 1917? Let us refresh our recollections of how so many Americans reframed history and disinformation. Some of the following may be “lost history” to you, but that is okay, because we definitely need some reminders before election day.

One must also consider the “arguments” about the “evidence” of Russian disinformation.

First off, we have unending “investigations” by various bodies and persons who are not qualified to investigate a price check at Walmart.

Here, I speak of persons like Adam Schiff or the members and staff of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Second, we have the “TV experts.” These folks are usually the former heads of the agencies and departments that are actually guilty of the subversion and sedition that got us to this point.

Think of John Brennan giving his expert opinion on the innocence and honor of James Comey. When any of these characters (and paid CNN contributors) invokes Russian disinformation (usually quoting each other), you know they are lying. Period.

New York Times’ Miles Taylor Op-Ed Shows Everything Wrong With Anonymous Sources

If The New York Times was willing to lie about how high-level its anonymous source was for their very high-profile September 2018 information operation, imagine the lies they’re willing to tell about all the other anonymous sources they use.

If the New York Times is willing to deceive readers about how high this author’s perch was, imagine how much other papers and media outlets are willing to lie in support of their anti-Trump narratives.

Every time you read in an outlandish Big Media narrative that an anonymous source is “senior,” interpret it as “junior.” And if the reporters don’t even bother with that level of characterization, assume it’s someone they met on the street.

Anonymous sources have occasionally been necessary for journalists. Their overuse, mischaracterization, and lack of accountability in the age of Trump journalism is clearly out of control.