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In The News:

Appeals Court Panel Upholds Kentucky Abortion Safety Law Struck Down by Lower Court

In a 2-1 vote, the panel struck down the 2018 decision of district court Judge Greg Stivers, an Obama appointee, who ruled the abortion safety law placed an undue burden on women seeking an abortion.

The plaintiffs in the case, EWM Women’s Surgical Center and Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky, had argued the safety transfer law would close down the state’s only abortion clinic, shutting down access to abortion.

In the opinion, Judge Joan Larsen, joined by Judge Chad Readler, both Trump appointees, ruled the lower court erred in concluding enforcement of the Kentucky law would leave the state without a licensed abortion provider.

Leftists Burn U.S. Flag, Attack Boston Police During ‘Anti-Democrat Violence’ Rally

A group of about 50 members of the pro-Trump “Super Happy Fun America” group gathered in front of the Boston Public Library on Sunday to protest “Democrat violence,” according to the Boston Herald.

They were outnumbered nearly three-to-one by anti-Trump counterprotesters who eventually turned violent.

Boston police attempted to keep the groups separated with a metal barricade but the leftists eventually removed the barriers.

Pro-Trump protester John Hugo told WCVB ABC5 reporters, “We’re here to have a peaceful protest against Democrat violence.

As you see, the Democrats are here in force … to cause violence and prevent our free speech.”

Police eventually had to escort the pro-Trump activists away from the area for safety reasons.

Couple of 60 years, separated for 215 days amid pandemic, reunites in touching video: ‘I missed you so much’

In footage shared to Facebook on Sunday, a Rosecastle employee is seen wheeling Joseph to see Eve, who was caught off guard while waiting in a visiting room.
In footage shared to Facebook on Sunday, a Rosecastle employee is seen wheeling Joseph to see Eve, who was caught off guard while waiting in a visiting room. (Rosecastle at Delaney Creek)

Florida-based couple Joseph Loreth and his wife, Eve, both 80 years old, were finally able to see each other at their assisted living facility in Brandon after 215 days apart.

In footage shared to Facebook on Sunday, a Rosecastle employee is seen wheeling Joseph to see Eve, who was caught off guard while waiting in a visiting room.

73-year-old Donald Trump supporter, a Vietnam vet, assaulted in Douglas

Dudley is being charged with Assault and Battery on an Elderly Person Causing Injury.
Dudley is being charged with Assault and Battery on an Elderly Person Causing Injury. Photo Courtesy Douglas Police Department

Douglas Police arrested 34-year-old Kiara Dudley, of Douglas, and charged her with assault and battery on an elderly person causing injury after the incident at the intersection of Main and Webster streets.

“As the couple tried to move away, the party continued to follow them and bumped the gentlemen with her body,” Douglas Police said.

“At one point the party stepped on the victim’s Veterans for Trump sign and as he bent over to pick it up the party knocked him to the ground causing an injury to his finger.”

VIDEO: Women’s March protesters verbally accost pregnant woman, allegedly tell her ‘your kid should be aborted’

Image via Twitter @mattmiller757 screenshot
Image via Twitter @mattmiller757 screenshot

According to Daily Caller reporter Matthew Miller, the pregnant demonstrator was playing the sound of her child’s heartbeat over a loudspeaker.

In response, one of the pro-abortion protesters said, “I would want to kill myself if I was that baby.” Other protesters laughed at the coarse remark.

When asked by a nearby reporter to explain herself, the Women’s March protester doubled down. “Imagine using your child for political s***. I’m saying if I was that child, I’d probably want to kill myself, yeah,” she said.

Day 5: New York Post Defies Twitter’s Demand to Delete Biden Stories, Remains Suspended

Francois Mori/AP
Francois Mori/AP

This censorship comes just weeks after executives from both Facebook and Twitter joined the Biden transition team.

Five days since the Post found its account locked, the publication is still unable to access its account. New York Post deputy political editor Emma-Jo Morris stated in a post on Twitter:

This means that Twitter has effectively silenced one of America’s major mainstream news publications from its platform just weeks before the presidential election. Breitbart News will continue to report on this story as more information is available.


Celebs vowing to flee country upon Trump reelection ‘really think they’re that important’: comedian

Bruce Springsteen performs at the 12th annual Stand Up For Heroes benefit concert at the Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York. Nov. 5, 2018.
Bruce Springsteen performs at the 12th annual Stand Up For Heroes benefit concert at the Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York. Nov. 5, 2018. (Photo by Brad Barket/Invision/AP, File)

The rich and famous have been threatening to leave the U.S. since Trump’s election in 2016, which comedian Michael Loftus told “Fox & Friends Weekend” is a completely ego-driven statement.

“They really think they’re that important,” he said. “They really think we’re walking around going, ‘Wait, what? Springsteen’s going to leave? And Tommy Lee? Oh, I’m changing my vote!’”

“We knew these celebrities were self-centered. We knew they were stupid. We just didn’t know how cowardly they were,” he said. “With Springsteen saying this, I guess it gives new meaning to ‘Born to Run.’”



Joe Biden’s Transition Co-Chair Hosted Hunter Biden-Linked Chinese Elites at Obama White House

Lintao Zhang/Getty Images
Lintao Zhang/Getty Images

At the time, the meeting did not draw much attention. However, emails published this week by Peter Schweizer, a senior contributor at Breitbart News and president of the Government Accountability Institute, indicated just how important of a role Hunter Biden and his business associates, including Devon Archer, played in making the White House visit happen.

The emails showed that on November 5, 2011, a colleague of Archer’s reached out to suggest there was an opportunity to gain “outstanding new clients.”

According to the email, copies of which were published exclusively by Breitbart News, the colleague told Archer that the CEC had been trying for some time to arrange meetings with high-ranking Obama administration officials when they visited Washington, DC, in mid-November.

“A tour of the White House and a meeting with a member of the chief of staff’s office and [then-Secretary of State] John Kerry would be great,” the colleague wrote.

Up to that point, the CEC had tried and failed to obtain access to the Obama administration.

Connecticut paper runs editorial claiming every last Trump voter supports racism

Protestors stop at the Hartford Public Safety Complex as an estimated 500 or more people marched through the city after the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police officers on Memorial Day.
Protestors stop at the Hartford Public Safety Complex as an estimated 500 or more people marched through the city after the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police officers on Memorial Day. (Mark Mirko/Hartford Courant via AP) (Mark Mirko/AP)

Then, after briefly stating that there are “many reasons” not to endorse Trump, the editors dove into the “one issue that demands a closer look as we approach Election Day … racism”:

Alas, moving on from their misleading portrait of Trump as a bonafide racist, the Hartford Courant editors insisted that all those who support him are racists, too.

“Politics is always about compromise,” they acknowledged. “But Trump’s racism isn’t the same, not even close.”

Trump Economy | Full Measure

The Trump economy was a roller coaster ride in 2020, thanks to COVID 19.

But through the ups and downs, there have been some big surprises. We look at the trends and examine where we are today, weeks before the election.


Illegal Immigration | Full Measure

Illegal immigration is always a hot topic, but in Congress, little seems to be done to stop it.

We investigate why one expert says that’s by design and both republicans and democrats are to blame.

Hunter Biden’s jailed former business partner flipped & leaked 26,000 emails


Rep. Adam Schiff can baselessly claim the newly released emails between Hunter Biden and his former business partners are part of some Russian disinformation campaign, but it’s a last-ditch effort to manipulate voters from the truth.

Reporters who followed Biden’s corruption for years now say those business partners are ready to flip on Hunter to show how corrupt the Biden family is.

According to author of “Profiles in Corruption,” Peter Schweizer, thousands of emails from the recently-obtained hard drive — allegedly from Hunter Biden’s laptop — could be proof Joe Biden was a part of one of the biggest scandals in modern American politics.

Glenn and his head researcher, Jason Buttrill, discuss the new details in the developing story.

Fox News host backs Biden surrogate into corner over Hunter Biden stories, forcing her to make admission

Image source: YouTube screenshot
Image source: YouTube screenshot

The contentious segment began with Joe Biden’s own words last October, when he claimed he never discussed his son’s overseas business dealings.

That claim was disputed last week by numerous stories related to emails and a computer hard drive allegedly connected to Hunter Biden.

Arnold began by claiming that “so much of this is unconfirmed.”

“Jenna, it’s real simple. You say it’s unconfirmed. Tell us what parts are not true,” Vittert shot back. “Hunter Biden knows what emails he has and hasn’t sent. Are you saying, and the campaign saying, that these emails aren’t his?”

What ensued was more than two minutes of spin by the Biden campaign surrogate.

House Republicans urge Barr to appoint special counsel to probe alleged Biden revelations

“These alleged revelations raise serious questions about former Vice President Joe Biden’s reported participation with his son’s business, dealings, specifically whether the former vice president

(1) received foreign monies during his tenure in the Obama administration and

(2) if former Vice President Biden allowed his son to peddle access to his father with foreign business entities,” the letter, obtained by Fox News, says.

The letter is signed by 11 Republicans, including Reps. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz., Paul Gosar, R-Ariz., Ted Yoho, R-Fla., and Andy Harris, R-Md.


California’s crazy new COVID Christmas rules

You thought Elf on the Shelf was creepy?

That elf doesn’t have anything on Tyrant King Gavin.

Which presidential candidate is the best choice to fix the economy?

Steve Hilton breaks down which 2020 presidential candidate is the best choice for a successful economic recovery.

They Can’t Lie Their Way Out of This One!

The October surprises keep coming. Are they really blaming Russia again?

That in and of itself speaks volumes.

Here’s the Simple Truth.


World News:

Japan Unveils Its Latest Lithium-Ion Powered Attack Submarine

The Taigei submarine Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force
The Taigei submarine Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force/Twitter

The Taigei is an attack submarine that weighs a hefty 3,000 tons, measures 275 feet (84 meters) long and 29.8 feet (9.1 meters) wide, and can accommodate 70 crew members.

It is the first successor to Japan’s Soryu submarine and will carry lithium-ion batteries on board, just like Soryu. 

Japan has been working on its submarine fleet using lithium-ion batteries as a power source for nearly two decades, as the batteries require less maintenance and can last longer than lead-acid batteries at high speeds even when submerged.

Colossal Lahore Fire Burns Through 400 Mobile Phone, Computer Stores

Mahmood ahmad / Twitter
Mahmood ahmad / Twitter

The fire broke out in Hafeez Centre — Lahore’s main multi-story market — which houses laptops, computer businesses, and mobile phones.

More than 400 shops, repair facilities, and “godowns” (warehouses or storage areas) were destroyed — causing heavy losses to local traders, reports

This is the fifth major fire reported in the local area of Lahore in the last two years.

The Sunday fire erupted in the morning and kept rising until that evening — sending thick billowing clouds of smoke everywhere in the area, causing breathing problems throughout the city.

Hong Kong democrats rally in support of Thailand protests as activists barred from consulate entry

Photo: Studio Incendo.
Photo: Studio Incendo.

Fresh protests against the Thai monarchy and government erupted in Bangkok four days ago.

The Thai capital has seen pro-democracy street demonstrations since July, with thousands on its streets calling for political reform.

The protests ran into their fourth consecutive day on Sunday despite Thai authorities banning gatherings of more than five people.

Referring to similar struggles in Belarus, Hui said the group wanted to “send a signal” to the international community about the collective fight against authoritarian regimes across the world: “We are fighting against tyrannical governments… people from different parts of the world we are one. Against tyranny. Against totalitarianism.”

GRAPHIC EXCLUSIVE: Gulf Cartel Removes Bodies After Mexican Border City Shootout

During a recent shootout last week in the eastern side of Reynosa, not far from an international port of entry, gunmen clashed and at least two members of Los Metros faction died.

Tamaulipas state authorities did not take part in the initial shootout, by the time authorities arrived. Investigators found wrecked vehicles and traces of blood but no bodies.

For several weeks, gunmen from the Matamoros factions (Escorpiones and Ciclones) of the Gulf Cartel have been using Rio Bravo as a launchpad to carry out incursions into Reynosa–only to fall back before authorities arrive. This strategy led to shootouts in eastern Reynosa and industrial parks

Bolivia: Socialists Declare Election Win with Less than 6% of Votes Counted


Exit polls projected that Luis Arce, a former finance minister under Morales and candidate for his Movement for Socialism (MAS) party, secured more than 50 percent of the vote in Sunday’s ballot.

His closest rival, former president Carlos Mesa, was projected to win just over 30 percent.

Candidates must win at least 50 percent to avoid a run-off election with the second-highest recipient of votes.

Bahrain-Israel sign peace’ MOU; Gaza fires at Israel; COVID closure lifted- TV7 Israel News 19.10.20

1) Israel and the Gulf Kingdom of Bahrain sign a joint communique, officially formalizing bilateral intensions to establish full-diplomatic relations between Jerusalem and Manama.

2) Palestinian Islamists launch a rocket toward Israel’s southern communities – forcing thousands of Israel into bomb shelters.

3) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced Israel’s gradual exit from a nation-wide closure; after morbidity rates throughout most of the country indicated a positive downward trend.


Germany grants asylum to Hong Kong student arrested for ‘rioting,’ activist group says

Photo: Viola Kam/United Social Press.
Photo: Viola Kam/United Social Press.

The German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees granted a three-year refugee status to a 22-year-old unidentified Chinese University of Hong Kong student last Wednesday, according to a Facebook post by activist group Haven Assistance.

They said it followed an 11-month wait.

The group quoted the woman as saying she was arrested on suspicion of rioting last year and fled Hong Kong in November.

Before she attained refugee status, the woman also claimed she was sexually assaulted by a refugee camp staffer in Germany and was hospitalised due to emotional issues.


Interview: Pompeo says Twitter blocking New York Post’s Hunter Biden story is ‘dangerous’

Patrick Semansky/Pool/AFP via Getty Images
Patrick Semansky/Pool/AFP via Getty Images

“They have to make a choice, either it’s going to be viewpoint neutral or they’re going to make a different decision,” he said.

“And that decision can’t be based on whether it is supportive of this administration or attempting to undermine America.”

In an extensive interview with the Washington Examiner, Pompeo also discussed the normalizing relations between Israel and United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, known as the Abraham Accords and navigating the increasingly tense relationship with China.